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1. Who is the current FIRST elected GAY PM in the world & from which country??

66 year old Johanna Sigurdardottir, Iceland

2. What is the cost being incurred on the maintenance of WIKIPEDIA in 2009?

$ 6 Million

3. Name the first Omani Lady Taxi driver?

Ms Asya Saif

4. Which person has won the highest number of Oscars ?

Walt Disney 26 (20 in his life time and 6 posthumously)

5. Who was the first Indian to win an Oscar??

Bhanu Athaiya
(She won the award for the Best Costume Designer for Richard Attenborough's film Gandhi , 1982)

6. Burj Dubai recently became the tallest man made structure. Which structure & building did it overtake to be the tallest??

Burj Dubai will officially take over as tallest bldg from Taipei 101 once it opens offically

7. How did Bombay get its name?

In Portuguese Bom Baia means Good Day

8. What is SHELFWARE?

Software so useless it remains on the shelf

9. Which president of the US prohibited international aid from going to any organization that provided abor…


Times of India Fundamental Quiz 2005
Date: 12th August 2005
Venue: Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi
Conducted by: Derek O' Brien & Associates

Preliminary Rounds: 25 dry question, 3 visuals, 2 audio clips. Cut-off
was 23, with 6 teams qualifying for the finals.

1. The 'Compton-Miller Medal' is awarded to the Man of the Series in
the test series played by which two countries?
Ans. England-Australia (The Ashes)

2. What was Jawaharlal Nehru by profession?
Ans. Lawyer

3. What is India's internet country domain code?
Ans. .in

4. Over 90% of the dry weight of which part of our body is made up of
proteins called 'keratins'? : Skin, Hair, or Bones
Ans. Skin

5. Which Sikh Guru was known as 'Bhai Jetha'?
Ans. Guru Ramdas

6. By whom was the symphony Ode to Joy written, later used at the
Olympic ceremonies?
Ans. Ludwig van Beethoven

7. What is the official language of the Vatican City state? : English,
Latin or Italian
Ans. Latin

8. In Tintin comics, who invented a pill from medical p…


Q.What was a ship called the Ancon the first to travel through, on August 15, 1914?
A: The Panama Canal.

That was the first trivia quizzes question...ok now I'll leave you alone for a while.

Q.What fighter pilot flew World War I missions with his Great Dane "Moritz" next to him in the cockpit?
A: Monfred von Richthofen, or " The Red Baron".

Q.What country lost 17.2 percent of its population in World War II?
A: Poland.

Q.What deranged Roman emperor had a name that meant "little boot"?
A: Caligula.

Q.What Pakistani was the first head of state in the 20th century to give birth in office?
A: Benazir Bhutto.

Q.What two-word term describes the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the beginning f the Renaissance?
A: Middle Ages.

Q.What newspaper won a Pulitzer for its Watergate coverage?
A: The Washington Post.

Q.Who described the impending Persian Gulf ground war as "the mother of all battles"?
A: Saddam Hussein.

Q.What ship's lookout was miffed whe…

CBSE HIQ Regional Finals and National Semis 2008

Date 3rd – 4th December 08
QuizMasters – Adittya Nath Mubayi and Kunal Savarkar

1.Which wife of Raja Mallasarga led a revolt against the British in 1824 protesting against Doctrine of Lapse ??

--Rani Chennamma of Kittur

2. Which place is said to be the birthplace of Veda Vyas ???

--Kalpi in Uttar pradesh

3.Which gifted poet joined the Calcutta College at the age of 17 years ??

--Henry Louis Vivian Derozio

4 .In Mahabharata , which step brother of Iravan also died in the battle of Kurukshetra ??


5.The rulers of the Southern dynasty Hoysalas were protected by special bodyguards whose loyalty was so complete that they committed suicide after the King's death . What name was given to these bodyguards ???


6 .Which 17th century Sufi mystic is said to have introced coffee to India by bringing coffee beans to India ??

--Baba Budan

7. The name of which city means " fortified palace " in malayalam ??

--calicut . New name - Kozhikode

8 .After which freed…


1. The following are all examples of what:
The Dogs, Flag, Control, Smersh, Zep, Gag and The Owsla

2. From 1982-1996, who was the only woman tennis player to win Wimbledon other than Martina Navratilova and Steffi Graf?

3. Which illustrious ship, named after a Roman province, held the Blue Riband from 1907 till 1929?

4. Put the following wars or conflicts in order of estimated casualties, starting with the highest number:
a: Vietnam War (1959 - 1975)
b: Qing dynasty conquest of the Ming Dynasty (1616 - 1662)
c: Russian Civil War (1917 - 1921)
d: World War I (1914 - 1918)

5. According to BBC 2, which pallid hit single from the year 1967 has been the most played song in public places in the last 75 years?

6. NATO gave the ultra modern Russian MiG-29 which pivotal codename?

7. Gary Oldman plays the following unsavoury characters in which films?
a. Ivan Korshunov
b. Lee Harvey Oswald
c. DEA officer Norman Stansfield
d. Mason Verger
e. Jean Baptiste Em…