CBSE HIQ Regional Finals and National Semis 2008

Date 3rd – 4th December 08
QuizMasters – Adittya Nath Mubayi and Kunal Savarkar

1.Which wife of Raja Mallasarga led a revolt against the British in 1824 protesting against Doctrine of Lapse ??

--Rani Chennamma of Kittur

2. Which place is said to be the birthplace of Veda Vyas ???

--Kalpi in Uttar pradesh

3.Which gifted poet joined the Calcutta College at the age of 17 years ??

--Henry Louis Vivian Derozio

4 .In Mahabharata , which step brother of Iravan also died in the battle of Kurukshetra ??


5.The rulers of the Southern dynasty Hoysalas were protected by special bodyguards whose loyalty was so complete that they committed suicide after the King's death . What name was given to these bodyguards ???


6 .Which 17th century Sufi mystic is said to have introced coffee to India by bringing coffee beans to India ??

--Baba Budan

7. The name of which city means " fortified palace " in malayalam ??

--calicut . New name - Kozhikode

8 .After which freedom fighter's name is Ranchi Airport named ??

--Birsa munda

9. Which famous architectural building was bulit by Yaqut of Dabul ??

--Gol Gumbaz .

10. Izzat Baig is one of the main characters of which famous romance story ??

--Sohni Mahiwal . Izzat baig is the real name of Mahiwal

11. Which law graduate and a famous musician wrote Shri Mallakshaya Sangeetam ???

--Vishnu narayan bhatkhande

12. On 1st April 2007 , which Indian district became the first in the country to obtain a comprehensive ISO 9001 certification ???


13. Built in 1156 AD and situated on Trikuta film , this fort was the setting of one of the Satyajit ray's film . name this fort .

--Jaisalmer fort . the film Sonar Kella

14. Equivalent of jajiya paid by hindus , what was the tax paid by Musilms in medieval period ???

15 In which city do rivers Mula and Mutha meet ??

16 ) Which Indian state capital is named after a plant that grows there ??

17 ) In which town is College of Combat situated ???

18. In 8th century AD , which patron saint of sikkim foretold the rule of Chogyals , an event that occured 700 years later ??


19. What did Colonel Neville Chamberlain devise in 1875 in jabalpur ??


20. Which unit of indian Army was originally called Meghdoot Force and is nicknmaed as Red Devils ??


21.For which agricultural product is Palanpur of gujarat best known ?


22.Apart from West Bengal , in which Indian state is Bengali spoken mostly by the people ??


23. To which gharana of classical music does zakir hussain belong ???


24. How do we better know the 4th son of a Bundela leader Champat rai ?


25. What is common to Banbesa in Uttarakhand , Sanauli in Uttar Pradesh , Raxaul in bihar and Kakarbhitta in west Bengal ??


26. In Hindu tradition , whose wife as Queen Sunanadadevi ?? ( Nobody could answer this and Kunal Savarkar gave the hint – Indian Postage Stamp – still none got it )


27. Which work by Jatmal revolves around life and death of Queen Padmini ?


28. According to legend , what befitting reply did Baji Rao Peshwa give to the Nizam when told that " Ek Baji , Aur Sab Paji " ? ( The Best Question taken from Amar Chitra Katha )


29. Which Sikh Guru founded the city of Dehra Dun ?

--Guru Ram rai went to this place and made a Dera – so DehraDun

30. Which historic event occured at 9:47 AM on May 11 , 1951 , Vaishaka , Shukla Panchami ?

--Rajendra Prasad inaugurated New Somnath Temple

31. Which Central Indian Rajput Dynasty was found by King Nannuk ?


32. Which warrior hero was assasinated by Beshal Beg and Jamshed Khan ?

Guru Gobind Singh


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