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1. Who among the following taught the doctrine of ‘Shunyata’ ?
(A) Nagarjuna
(B) Shankaracharya
(C) Harisena
(D) Vallabhacharya

2. Who of the following kings was an ardent follower of Jainism ?
(A) Bimbsara
(B) Mahapadma Nanda
(C) Kharavela
(D) Pulakesin II

3. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists—
List-I (Name of author)
(a) Abul Fazl
(b) Nizamuddin Ahmad
(c) Krishnadeva Raya
(d) Kalhan
List-II (Name of the book)
1. Tabqat-i-Akbari
2. Akbarnama
3. Rajatarangini
4. Amuktamalyada
Codes :
(a) (b) (c) (d)
(A) 2 4 1 3
(B) 3 1 4 2
(C) 2 1 4 3
(D) 3 4 1 2

4. Which one of the following pairs is not correctly matched ?
(A) Shiekh Shihabuddin Suharwardi—Sufi Saint
(B) Chaitanya Maha Prabhu—Bhakti Saint
(C) Minhaj-us siraj—Founder of Sufi order
(D) Lalleshwari—Bhakti Saint

5. To which dynasty did Ashoka belong ?
(A) Vardhana
(B) Maurya
(C) Kushan
(D) Gupta

6. Which one of the following battles was fought between Babar and the Rajputs in 1527 ?



1. Which country became the latest to apply for a membership in the European Union?
Ans: Serbia

2. Lots of Aamir Khan’s fans are expecting the release of his new film ‘3 idiots’. Who directed this movie?
Ans: Raju Hirani

3.’8 ½’ (eight and a half) was an Oscar winning movie directed by Federico Fellini. A movie named ‘nine’ inspired by the former is awaiting the Oscar nomination of the coming year. Who is the director of this movie?
Ans: Robe Marshall

4. In the Jharkhand elections Madhu Koda’s wife Gita Koda won her seat from which constituency?
Ans: Jagannathpur

5. ‘BASIC’ is the organization of which all countries?
Ans: Brazil, South Africa, India, China


1. September 15 is observed as Engineer’s day in memory of which famous Indian?
Ans: Dr.M.Viswesharayya

2. Pakistan’s cricket star had a love affair with Benazir Bhutto whilst she was in London. Who wrote the biography of Imran which revealed this ‘gossip’?
Ans: Christ…

Aqua Regia- Delhi City Finals

Aqua Regia- Delhi City Finals
Date: 23 November, 09
Venue: Siri Fort Audi, New Delhi

Quiz Master: Mr. Ajay Antony
Cut-off: 18/25
Winner: Delhi Finals- Air Force Golden Jubilee School, New Delhi
Regional Final- Delhi Public School, Dwarka
(Direct Round. 20 points for correct answer. If the team was unable to answer the otherteams could bid for it as 2,4,6,8 or 10. if the team bidding gives the correct answer they get 20 points. In case of an incorrect answer the bid value which the team had placed was subtracted from their score.)

Q. If you come home after coming from a Science Museum and smell Ethale Mercapton,
What will you do?
A. Open the windows and take fire safety measures as LPG is leaking. I know this because Ethyl Mercaptan is the pungent smelling compound added to LPG to detect its
leakage. LPG is an odourless gas.

Q. In 1914, a wealthy businessman of USA wants to travel from point A to point B 400
miles apart as …

Access 2006 | Senior Quiz Prelims

Access 2006 | Senior Quiz Prelims
Venue: Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Date: 21st December, 2006

1. JRE – Java Runtime Environment

2. FPS – First Person Shooter

3. DOS – Disk Operating System

4. MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games

5. RPM – Redhat Package Manager

6. What was the name of the HP chairperson involved in the company's pretexting
-Patricia Dunne

7. Which city is known as the 'Silicon Valley of India'?

8. What is Nintendo Wii's CPU called?

9. What is Linus Torvalds' informal title within the Linux kernel development group?
-Benevolent Dictator for Life

10. What is Google's social networking site called?
11. Where are the main servers of Wikipedia located?
-Tampa, Florida

12. What is the instruction set of Intel Core 2 processors called?

13. What is the ASCII value of 'u'?

14. What was the original parent company of Altavista?

15. What is th…


Access 2006 Junior Quiz Prelims
Venue: Modern School, Barakhamba Road
Date: 21st December, 2006

1. GUI – Graphical User Interface

2. TCP / IP – Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol

3. BIOS – Basic Input Output Services

4. RAM – Random Access Memory

5. GNU – GNU is Not Unix

6. Which company makes the Wii gaming console?

7. Who is the creator of the Linux operating system?
-Linus Torvalds

8. What is the name of the world's fastest computer?
-Blue Gene / L

9. What is the HTTP status code for 'not found'?

10. What is the Mozilla Foundation's email client called?

11. A major GPU-maker recently merged with AMD. What is its name?

12. Of which game is Counter Strike a mod?
-Half Life

13. Name one of the co-founders of Google.
-Larry Page / Sergey Brin

14. What is the name of the language commonly used for creating a web page?

15. Which company did Google recently acquire for $1.65 billion?



Q1Why is US in such a hurry to sign the nuclear deal?
Q2 What is IAEA?
Q3 Why was nuke deal objectionable to the left?
Q4 How many Indian nuclear reactors would be able to run through their full capacity
after this deal?
Q5 What is CTBT?
Q6 How does the US will get benefit from the NUKE deal?
Q7 What is NSG?
Q8 Who is the chief negotiator on Indo-US Nuclear deal?
Q9 For how many years the U.S congress has finally given its approval for the export of
U.S civilian nuclear fuel & technology to India?
Q10 Who is the chairman of USINPAC {US-India political action committee}
Q11The US senate voted how many votes in favors of amending the US atomic energy
act of 1954, which paved the way for the signing of the historic US-India civilian nuclear
cooperation act?
Q12Members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted how many votes in favors of
US India civil nuclear agreement?
Q13What is USINPAC?
Q14 Is it true or false?
In U.S- India civilian Nuclear deal, the American president…


Q1 ‘In the name of all competitors , I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them in the true spirit ofsportsmanship , for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams.’
This is the Olympic Oath. In which year was this pubilicaly taken by the atheletes for the first time?
Q2 Where is the Olympic Museum based?
Q3 The Olympic Emblem of 5 interlocking rings was discovered when and where ?
Q4 The Olympic Hymn , sung during each opening and closing ceremony, was written by
Q5 In which year did the Winter Olympiad Games start?
Q6 What is the real name of the famous athelete Jesse Owens?
Q7 How many countries participated in the London Olympics of 1948?
Q8 Where did the Olympics of 1956 take place?
Q9 Name the movie based on the life story of famous woman athelete Wilma Rudolph.
Q10 Which sport was introduced to the Olympic timetable in Tokyo 1964?
Q11 Alexander popov is associated with which Ol…



1. Which leader is attributed to introduce a new wave of freedom in India?
2. Who first stated that Indians had not profited by their connections with Great
Britain to the extent they had right to look for?
3. Whose tour in different parts of India was acclaimed as the first successful
attempt of its kind for uniting India on a political basis?
4. Which organization can be regarded as the precursor of the Indian National
Congress and why?
5. Which two Englishmen set up the Indian Parliamentary Committee in the House
of Commons to agitate for political reforms in India?
6. Lord Dufferin who had encouraged the formation of INC felt disillusioned by its
increasing popularity. What did he remark about the educated middle class of
7. Which Muslim personality had asked the Muslims not to join the Congress party?
8. Which prominent Indian wrote a series of articles against the Congress under the
title “New Lamps for Old”?
9. Who was called the ‘Father of Indian Unres…


Q1. What is the original name of the Japanese telecom company that has recently
collaborated with a major Indian Company?
NTT Docomo
Q2. What category of web service is twitter known for? (Specific term)
Q3. There is an upcoming product from Microsoft codenamed “Photon”. Name the
Windows Mobile 7
Q4. The company belongs to the ‘Land of the Vikings’ (Hint: Europe). Name it.
Q5. McTavish/Price vs. Zakhaev/Al Asad. What am I talking about?
Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Q6. Headquartered at Murray Hill, New Jersey, the company was previously the R&D
organization of AT&T. Name the company.
Bell Labs
Q7. Began life as a short venture called Control Video Corporation, it was later
renamed Quantum Computer Services. Now known by another name, its current
CEO is Tim Armstrong. Name the company.
Q8. Also known Lynx, it is one of the most widely used standards for transferring
Digital Video (DV) from the camcorders which do not have an optical storage disc.
Name the standard.


Q.As of the fall of 1970 Khorana has been Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Biology and Chemistry at ?

Q. His father was a lecturer in mathematics and physics so that from the beginning he was immersed in an academic
atmosphere. Who?
ANS.C.V. Raman

Q.His father was a Patwari, a village agricultural taxation clerk in the British Indian system of government. Whose?
ANS.Har Gobind Khorana

Q.Raman established and endowed this institute which today is one of India’s top research centres for Theoretical
ANS.RRI, Bangalore

When the Hindus invaded Java in the 2nd century AD the brought with them a dance form that was immediately
accepted and absorbed by the Javanese, name the form?

In the 20th century who popularized tap dancing in films?
Fred Astaire

Which dance was called Kontra-Tanz by the Germans and became Europe’s favorite dance in the late 17th century?
Square dance

Which wild and indecorous French dance of the 19th century imitates the Spanish Fandango and is al…