Q1Why is US in such a hurry to sign the nuclear deal?
Q2 What is IAEA?
Q3 Why was nuke deal objectionable to the left?
Q4 How many Indian nuclear reactors would be able to run through their full capacity
after this deal?
Q5 What is CTBT?
Q6 How does the US will get benefit from the NUKE deal?
Q7 What is NSG?
Q8 Who is the chief negotiator on Indo-US Nuclear deal?
Q9 For how many years the U.S congress has finally given its approval for the export of
U.S civilian nuclear fuel & technology to India?
Q10 Who is the chairman of USINPAC {US-India political action committee}
Q11The US senate voted how many votes in favors of amending the US atomic energy
act of 1954, which paved the way for the signing of the historic US-India civilian nuclear
cooperation act?
Q12Members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted how many votes in favors of
US India civil nuclear agreement?
Q13What is USINPAC?
Q14 Is it true or false?
In U.S- India civilian Nuclear deal, the American president has the ‘ right of return’
i.e. right to ask for the return of the nuclear fuel & nuclear technology if there is
nuclear test by India.
Q15 IAEA which approves the deal for India’s nuclear inspection consists of how many
Q16‘123’ is an agreement under which act?
Q17 Out of 14 reactors how many reactors already fall under existing IAEA safeguard
Q18 U.S & India hailed adoption of the IAEA safeguard agreement which will
effectively allow U.N monitors access to a total of how many reactors by 2014?
Q19 What was the agreement between India & US under Indo-Us civilian nuclear deal?
Q20 What is full form of Hyde act?
Q21 What is this ‘123’ agreement?
Q22 According to Nuclear power corporation of India, how this agreement will help
Q23 After the terms of ‘123’ agreement were concluded why the communist allies of the
ruling United Progressive Alliance opposes it?
Q24 What are the economic consideration for U.S behind this deal?
Q25 Name the materials which are used as nuclear fuel?
Q26 What percent of all uranium found on Earth can be used directly for
Q27 Which of the greenhouse gases responsible for global warming is emitted by nuclear
Q28 What percent of total electricity in the world is being produced by nuclear reactors?
Q29 Which country is said to be the global nuclear leader?
Q30 Which process taking place in Sun is the source of its energy?
Q31 Which isotope of uranium is used in nuclear reactors?
Q32 People working in a nuclear power plant are advised to wear special jackets. Of
what material they are made of?
Q33 Expand DAE.
Q34 Rods of this material are used to control the chain reaction in a nuclear reactor?
Q35 What is the fuel used in a breeder reactor?
Q36 What is the rise in temperature when an atom bomb explodes?
Q37 Who is the Director General of IAEA?
Q38 When did India first tested the nuclear weapon?
Q39 How many nuclear reactors are there in the world?
Q40 What is the current share of nuclear energy in India’s overall electricity production?
Q41 When did India declare itself as a nuclear weapon state?
Q42 Full form of FMCT.
Q43 What does section 103 declaration of policy concerning United States India Peaceful
atomic energy cooperation states?
Q44 What is the Indo-US civilian nuclear agreement state?
Q45 What does the Hyde act states?
Q46 What benefits do the signatories of NPT enjoy?
Q47 What is the role of NSG?
Q48 How may countries are part of NSG?
Q49 Why is the approval of NSG countries required before the agreement is finally
Q50 After the 123 act implementation how many civil nuclear reactors would come
under inspection?
Q51 Which are the two main nuclear reactors situated within Bhabha Atomic research
Q52 Full form of VCLT
Q53 Full form of NPCIL
Q54 Why is the indo-us nuclear deal also called 123 nuclear deal?
Q55 Where was the recent board meeting of IAEA held?
Q56. Which agreement with India was quoted by IAEA Director General as the most
efficient mechanism for ensuring that safeguard requirements can be met?
Q57 India plans to sign nuke deal with the US but buy reactors from two other nations.
Name them.
Q58 Who is Gregory Schulte?
Q59 In which year was the CTBT open for signature?
Q60 When was uranium discovered? By whom?
Q61 Name the ore from which Uranium was obtained
Q62 Which country has the major deposits of Uranium in the world?
Q63 What is the atomic number of plutonium
Q64 When was the IAEA first setup in United Nations? What was it called?
Q65 When was the Hyde Act passed by US congress?
Q66 What was the time frame of 123 agreement?
Q67 What is the name given to the group of nations that monitor sales of civilian nuclear
Q68. How many reactors’ in India are already in IAEA safeguard?
Q69.When is NSG’s next meeting expected to be held?
Q70.Where is NSG’s next meeting expected to be held?
Q71 Why India needs a waiver from the NSG?
Q72 What is the goal of NSG?
Q73 Why was NSG founded?
Q74 Which fuel is used in a breedor reactor?
Q75.Name the only country which is the victim of nuclear attack ?
Q76 What is Iran-Russia nuclear deal?
Q77 What is the main condition which India must agree to?
Q78 Name 4 countries which are the members of Nuclear club ?
Q79 .Name the harmful radiations emitted during nuclear attack ?
Q80 .Name the first nuclear power plant in India ?
Q81 Why did India refuse to sign N.P.T ?
Q82 When did India conduct its 1st nuclear test?
Q83 When did India sign the 123 agreement?
Q84 Who experimentally achieved theory of nuclear fission?
Q85 What is nuclear?
Q86 Which emissions are not released by nuclear power plant ?
Q87 Name the countries accounts for generating 57% of nuclear electricity.
Q.88 Which countries have to do nuclear deal with India after US?
Q.89 Name the country which will provide for us supply of technology in the nuclear fuel
Q90 What is U-235?
Q91 What is UF6?
Q92 What is U-308?
Q93 What happens when uranium is turned into plutonium?
Q94Where in India mining and processing of uranium takes place?
Q95 List the locations of nuclear reactor in India.
Q96 What is enriched fuel?
Q97 Say true or false with reason-
‘Nuclear power is a dead end technology’
Q98 List two major nuclear disasters.
Q99 Name three countries that have phased out their nuclear programmes.
Q100 What is the limitation imposed on India under ‘safeguard agreement’?



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