Aqua Regia- Delhi City Finals

Aqua Regia- Delhi City Finals
Date: 23 November, 09
Venue: Siri Fort Audi, New Delhi

Quiz Master: Mr. Ajay Antony
Cut-off: 18/25
Winner: Delhi Finals- Air Force Golden Jubilee School, New Delhi
Regional Final- Delhi Public School, Dwarka
(Direct Round. 20 points for correct answer. If the team was unable to answer the otherteams could bid for it as 2,4,6,8 or 10. if the team bidding gives the correct answer they get 20 points. In case of an incorrect answer the bid value which the team had placed was subtracted from their score.)

Q. If you come home after coming from a Science Museum and smell Ethale Mercapton,
What will you do?
A. Open the windows and take fire safety measures as LPG is leaking. I know this because Ethyl Mercaptan is the pungent smelling compound added to LPG to detect its
leakage. LPG is an odourless gas.

Q. In 1914, a wealthy businessman of USA wants to travel from point A to point B 400
miles apart as fast as possible. He owns 2 private airplanes and the two places A and B have airbases. But the wealthy business man takes his car. Why?
A. Because in 1914 the cars were faster than the airplane

Q. What is Bariatrics, the study of?
A. Bariatrics is the branch of medicine that deals with the causes, prevention, and
treatment of obesity.

Q. If you are using White Phosphorus white phosphorus, then from where have you
might taken it now?
A. From water or kerosene oil as White Phosphorus reacts in air.

Q. If you are in a mall and using the Brannock device, then what have you been doing?
A. Measuring the shoe size as it is the device used in shoe stores to measure a person’s shoe size.

Q. A pilot wants a sterile cockpit. What do we mean by Sterile Cockpit?
A. No disturbances of any kind particularly talking in the cockpit should be there.
SECOND ROUND (Audio/Visual)

A. The words Magnetic hill and Gravity were hidden. Teams had to identify these words.
Q. A video clip from A Sci-fi movie was played. The movie had to be identified and the sign on the lab coat of the scientist was to be told.
A. Back to the Future (Movie). The sign on the lab coat of the scientist was

Q.What is this?
A. World’s first X-Ray by William Roentgen of his wife’s hand. The ring on his wife’s
hand is also there.

Q. An animated video was shown. The question was: What is the enclosed space/shelter
designed to protect people from nuclear bombings or debris?
A. Nuclear Fallout Shelter

Q.What is this?
A. The undersea cabinet meeting of the Maldives government to raise concern about the
fact that Maldives is under constant threat of drowning due to Global warming.

Q. An audio clip was played. We had to identify the next very famous sentence of the
speech. Clue: the clip wasn’t clear at all. There were long gaps as if it was taking time to be received.
A. The famous sentence of Neil Armstrong: That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

(Different letters were revolving and moving in a zig-zag manner. The word formed from the given letters had to be identified.)




-Geiger Counter


  1. Hi Maam!
    I saw ur blog. Its just awesome. You have done some quality research work and the content is extremely qualitative.

    but seeing this post I came to know that it is the same archive which I had compiled of the quiz and posted on I wish u had mentioned that....:(

  2. Respected Ma'am do you have any older records of Delhi finalists, circa. 2006 [when this quiz was launched], I was the Delhi finalist [incidentally again from AFGJI].

    If there are any links on line regarding this subject can you please communicate them to me, as I have really little recollection [as internet was next to non-existent for me]

    Thank You.

  3. if u have more questions about aqua regia please send it to sharatchandar.m@gmail.cvm


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