1. Which leader is attributed to introduce a new wave of freedom in India?
2. Who first stated that Indians had not profited by their connections with Great
Britain to the extent they had right to look for?
3. Whose tour in different parts of India was acclaimed as the first successful
attempt of its kind for uniting India on a political basis?
4. Which organization can be regarded as the precursor of the Indian National
Congress and why?
5. Which two Englishmen set up the Indian Parliamentary Committee in the House
of Commons to agitate for political reforms in India?
6. Lord Dufferin who had encouraged the formation of INC felt disillusioned by its
increasing popularity. What did he remark about the educated middle class of
7. Which Muslim personality had asked the Muslims not to join the Congress party?
8. Which prominent Indian wrote a series of articles against the Congress under the
title “New Lamps for Old”?
9. Who was called the ‘Father of Indian Unrest” by Valentine Chirol?
10. In 1912 a bomb blast wounded Lord Hardinge, who was behind this conspiracy?
11. Name the revolutionary society started by Barinder Kumar Ghosh the brother of
Aurobindo Ghosh?
12. What term did Montague use for the policy adopted by the British to check the
crimes committed by the revolutionaries?
13. Who were the President & Secretary of the Swaraj Party at its inception?
14. Who was the leader of the Forward Block?
15. When was the second Round table Conference conducted?
16. Who was the Governer General of India at the outbreak of the Second World
17. From where did Subhash Chandra Bose proclaim the establishment of Provisional
government of India?
18. When did Lord Mount Batten introduce the famous Mountbatten Plan?
19. Who was the President of the INC at the time of independence?
20. To whom did poona Pact give concessions?
21. Who announced the Communal award?
22. When & where was the Muslim League formed?
23. When were the elections to the Constituent Assembly held?
24. Who was the chairman of the two commissions that arranged the partition of
Punjab & Bengal?
25. Who advocated the doctrine ‘Back to Cripps’ in his pamphlet “the way out”?
26. What reason did Lord Irwin give to justify the exclusion of Indians from the
Simon Commission?
27. Which Act introduced the system of communal electorates for Muslims?
28. Which Muslim associations refused to send their delegates to the second session
of the congress fearing a Hindu majority?
29. Who was the first martyr of the freedom movement to be hanged by the British?
30. Who launched the Red shirt Movement?
31. Which was MK Gandhi’s first action which brought him into limlight and made
him a national hero?
32. Which party was formed by the left wing of the congress Party which included
Narendra Dev, Jai Prakash Narain, Achyut Patwardhan & others in October 1934?
33. Who designed the first tricolour flag of India?
34. Who said ‘the secret of Jinnah’s success was his permanently negative attitude?
35. Who dubbed the Government of India Act of 1935 as the charter slavery?
36. When did Gandhi confer the title of ‘Sardar’ on ‘Vallabbhai Patel?
37. Which Prince was given the coldest reception on his arrival in India?
38. The ‘Communal Award’ declared by British led to which convenant?
39. Who formed the Indian national Army?
40. Which disturbances was Churchill referring to when he stated “ the disturbance
were crushed with all weight of the government”?
41. Who said “ I travel because I fancy that the masses want to meet me”?
42. About which movement did S.N Banerjee made this observation. “What we could
not achieve in 500 meetings extending over two years time, we secured by a
boycott lasting for period of three months?
43. About which movement was Mahatma Gandhi referring to when he said, “We are
face to face with a situation that compels us to cry halt”?
44. Who said that the ambition of the Congress was “ a very big jump into the
45. Which viceroy observed the following about the unrest in India
……….. during the three or four years immediately proceeding the Durbar the
average had been one political murder every fortnight’?
46. Which Governor general put the blame for agitating Indians on Lord Curzon by
remarking “…..that the overbearing tone of Curzon’s speeches on several
occasions has tented seriously to increase the bitter feeling which exists”?
47. Who said these famous words “Home rule is my birth right and I will have it”?
48. The famous Salt march of Gandhiji from Sabarmati ashram to Dandi covered a
distance of how many kms?
49. Why did Muslim league observe the day of deliverance?
50. When did the Muslim league observe the Direct Action Day?
51. Which British Governor-General introduced postage stamps in India?
52. What led to the suspension of the Non-Cooperation Movement of 1920-22?
53. What was the official name of the Simon Commission in 1927?
54. Who founded the All India Harijan Sangh in 1932?
55. Who gave the slogan “Do or Die”?
56. Who is the architect of the Indian Constitution?
57. Who was the first chairman of the Rajya Sabha?
58. Who assassinated Mahatma Gandhi?
59. When was the constitution of India adopted?
60. Which was the first college created along Modern Lines?
61. Which revolutionary was hanged in 1909 for throwing bomb?
62. At the 1916 session of the congress unity was brought between moderates and
militants as also between the congress and the Muslim league. Where was the
session held?
63.Two men participated in all the three round table conferences. One was Tej
Bahadur Sapru. Who was the other?
64. Where was the revolutionary Chandra Shekhar Azad killed in a shooting
encounter with the police in the public park in Feb 1931?
65. Who gave the slogan ‘Inquilab Zindabad’?
66. Who presided over the Karachi Session of the congress in March 1931?
67. Who was the first lady President of the INC?
68. What does Article 352 contain?
69. From where were the Directive Principles incorporated in the constitution taken?
70. What is the other name of the Government of India Act. of 1919?
71. Which sepoy called upon his comrades to refuse to use the greased cartridges in
the revolt of 1857?
72. What is the full name of Savarkar?
73. Who was sent as Viceroy of India in 1880?
74. Who partitioned Bengal in 1906?
75. Who founded the INC in 1885?
76. Who started the Home Rule Movement in 1917? 77. A committee was appointed
by the Congress to enquire into the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy? Who was its
78. Who was the first President of the INC?
79. Who started the Individual Satyagraha?
80. Which plan gave the proposal for an interim government, where the executive
council was to be Indianised with the inclusion of Indian political leaders?
81. The Mountbatten Plan for the independence of India and Pakistan with separate
sovereign status owed much to the tireless efforts of the reforms commissioner.
Who was it?
82. Who announced the radical plan offering India Dominion Status in 1942 which
Gandhi refused?
83. The political demand for Pakistan was raised by Jinnah, but who came forward in
the 1930s with the idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims in the north-west?
84. The Cabinet Mission came to Delhi in April 1946. Who headed it?
85. Bickering over constitutional and political issues, the Muslim league decided not
to co-operate in the smooth transfer of power to India. What did Jinnah call for
on 16 August 1946?
86. Who drew up the territorial borders dividing India and Pakistan?
87. Which new viceroy persuaded the British government to convene a round table
88. Vying for a second presidency term to the congress in 1938, Subhash Chandra
Bose defeated this person but was forced by Mahatma Gandhi to resign. Who
became the President?
89. The Khilafat movement gathered Muslim support against intended Allied
partition of which country after the first world war?
90. In which year Attlee’s announcement was made?
91. Name the legislation which is said to have set into action the Indian nationalist
agitation and the first meet of the INC.
92. This legislation launched the nationalist protest movement and clearly established
Gandhi as a successful popular leader in 1919. Identify it.
93. Who were the other revolutionaries to be hanged along with Bhagat Singh?
94. Who accorded the title of Mahatma to Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi?
95. In 1937 the Congress Ministry secured a government through a coalition with its
Pathan allies in the Northern Frontier Province. What was this group called?
96. Name the Muslim counter part of the ‘Shuddhi’ mass movement launched by the
Arya Samaj.
97. How many states and princely kingdoms were forced together by Sardar
Vallabhbahi Patel to constitute India’s territorial unit?
98. What is the other name of the June 3 Plan?
99. Name the two Indians who got arrested for opposing the Rowlatt Act?
100.Which viceroy made the ‘August Offer’?
101. What is meant by the idea of Satyagraha?
102.What was the object of General Dyer to open fire on the crowd in the Jallianwala
103.Why was foreign cloth boycotted during non-cooperation movement?
104.When was the Quit India Movement launched?
105.Which title was given back by Rabindra Nath Tagore?
106.Which lawyer turned social activist was called, ‘Abhay Sadhak’ (the fearless
seeker) by Gandhiji?
107.Name the secret society organized by Savarkar.
108.Name the America-trained doctor who served as Lala Lajpat Rai’s personal
assistant and went on to found India’s first constructive national youth movement,
the Seva dal, in 1925?
109.Which British Viceroy resigned from his post following a quarrel with his
government over reorganization of the military in 1905?
110.Which regiment was the first to rebel when the Revolt of 1857 began at Merrut
on 10 May?
111.Which leader was killed during the lathi charge while agitating against the Simon
112.Who formed the ghadar (Rebellion) party in the U.S.A.?
113.The Satyagraha Sabha was founded in February 1919, which raised the
nationalist movement to a new higher level. Who founded it?
114.What was the importance of the Surat session of 1907?
115.Who was the leader of the Bardoli Satyagraha?
116.Who is also known as “Frontier Gandhi”?
117.Who was the Chairperson of the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution?
118.When was the Partition of Bengal annulled?
119.What is the importance of the Champaran Satyagraha started by Gandhiji?
120. Who gave the speech “tryst with Destiny” on the eve of the independence?
121.Where was the INA (Indian National Army) formed in 1943?
122. Which revolutionary died as result of long fasting in the jail?
123.Who let the salt satyagraha Movement after the arrest of Mahatma Gandhi?
124.When was the pledge of Independence taken by the people of India during the
period of freedom movement?
125.Who were Bal-Lal-Pal?
126.From which novel the national song has been taken?
127.Name the Captain in Subhash Chander Bose’s Indian National army who wrote
and composed music for the song ‘kadam kadam badhaye ja?
128.Which revolutionary leader shot dead J.P. Saunders to avenge the death of Lala
Lajpat Rai?
129.Name the nationalist lawyer who returned to legal practice in 1922 to save 152 of
the 225 persons condemned to death in the Chauri Chaura riots from the gallows?
130.Who wrote the National Song Vande Mataram?
131.On 4th July 1943, who handed over the leadership of Indian independence
movement in East Asia to Subhash Chander Bose?
132.Which Indian city was meant to host the first-ever congress session in December
1885, but couldn’t due to an outbreak of plague?
133.On the midnight of 14-15 August 1947, four people addressed the members of
the constituent Assembly in the in the Central Hall of Parliament. Three of them
were Jawaharlal Nehru, Rajendra Prasad and Chaudhary Kaliquazzaman. Who
was the fourth?
134.Which nationalist leader along with Hemchandra Das designed the flag of
independent India unfurled later by Madam Cama at Stuttgart, Germany in 1907?
135.What was the slogan raised by Subhash Chandra Bose?
136.Which nationalist poet’s “Bharat Bharati” was banned by the British in 1912?
137.From which text have the words ‘Satyameva Jayate’ been incorporated into
India’s state Emblem?
138.Which nationalist leader coined the phrase ‘drain of wealth’ in 1901?
139.In 1940 in which city the ‘Muslim League’ declared its goal of forming Pakistan?
140.Which political party was founded in 1906 under Aga Khan?
141.For ensuring better wages for mill workers on which Indian towns did Mahatma
Gandhi keep his first fast, lasting twenty one day?
142.Which nationalist Bengali newspaper changed to English overnight to escape the
Vernacular Press Act in March 1878?
143.Which newspaper was founded by the nationalist leader Varadarajulu Naidu?
144.On 6 April 1930, who led a march from Thiruchirapali to Vedaranyam
(Thanjavur) to break the Salt Law?
145.What was Attlee’s announcement all about?
146.Who was the first to hold the post of Deputy Prime Minister in independent
147.Where was the first INA trial was held by the British?
148.Which building was built for the British Commander-in-Chief in India later
became the prime minister residence?
149. In which year did Gandhiji returned from South Africa to serve his country and
his people?
150. Who gave the two-nation theory?

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