Q1 ‘In the name of all competitors , I promise that we shall take part in these Olympic Games, respecting and abiding by the rules which govern them in the true spirit ofsportsmanship , for the glory of sport and the honour of our teams.’
This is the Olympic Oath. In which year was this pubilicaly taken by the atheletes for the first time?
Q2 Where is the Olympic Museum based?
Q3 The Olympic Emblem of 5 interlocking rings was discovered when and where ?
Q4 The Olympic Hymn , sung during each opening and closing ceremony, was written by
Q5 In which year did the Winter Olympiad Games start?
Q6 What is the real name of the famous athelete Jesse Owens?
Q7 How many countries participated in the London Olympics of 1948?
Q8 Where did the Olympics of 1956 take place?
Q9 Name the movie based on the life story of famous woman athelete Wilma Rudolph.
Q10 Which sport was introduced to the Olympic timetable in Tokyo 1964?
Q11 Alexander popov is associated with which Olympic sport?
Q12 Name the site of the Summer Olympic Games from 15th September to 1st October
Q13 How is the President of International Olympic Council Elected?
Q14 What is the term of the President of IOC(International Olympic Council) ?
Q15 Where were the games of 19th Olympiad held?
Q16 Name the colours of the Olympic Rings starting from the left.
Q17 What does NOC stand for?
Q18 Ronny Weller of Germany is associated with which Olympic sport?
Q19 Name the smallest city ever to host the Olympic games.
Q20 Why was Sweden’s Ingemar Johansson disqualified in the heavyweightlifting final
in 1952?
Q21 History was made when Ethopia’s Abebe Bikila won an Olympic Gold.What was the history?
Q22 In 1960 , the Nationalist China threatened to boycott the games. Why?
Q23 What is the official name of the 2008 Summer Olympic Games?
Q24 How many nations are participating in 2008 Summer Olympic Games?
Q25 Who are the Mascots of Beijing 2008?
Q26 Who will officially open the 2008 Olympic Games?
Q27 The 2008 summer Olympics will be held in Beijing National Stadium. What is the
nick name of the stadium?
Q28 The 2008 Summer Olympics emblem is known as ……………………..
Q29 What is the theme of the Torch Relay of 2008 Summer Olympics?
Q30 Where did the Torch Flame of 2008 Olympics get extinguished?
Q31 What does this pictogram depict?
Q32 Beijing got a lead in hosting the 2008 Olympics by beating other 4 candidates.
Name them.
Q33 Who is the present IOC President?
Q34 What is the slogan for 2008 Olympics?
Q35 When did the Torch Relay of 2008 Olympics begin?
Q36 Name the events that are to be held outside Beijing?
Q37 Where did the Torch Relay begin from?
Q38 Andre Agassi is associated with which sport?
Q39 Christian Kless is associated with which sport?
Q40 Where were the Millennium Games held?
Q41 Who designed the modern Olympics flag?
Q42 What do the five interlinked Olympics rings represent
Q43 Which country is first in line during the opening ceremony parade of nations?
Q44 In which year & games was the Olympics mascot officially recognised?
Q45 In which year was the first recorded Olympics games held?
Q46 When Sydney hoisted the summer games in 2000; they were not the first in Australia to do so. Who was first?
Q47 What is the distance of Olympics marathon?
Q48 Which were the first summer games shown on T.V?
Q49 In 1960 a new event was added to Olympics games. Name it?
Q50 Who was the Greek god honoured by ancient Olympics games?
Q51 In which year the first modern Olympics games held & where?
Q52 Name the Indian who won l silver individual medal in Olympics?
Q53 In which year was the modern Olympics games flame lit for the first time?
Q54 Where is the headquarters of International Olympics Committee?
Q55 In which year were Winter games added to Olympics?
Q56 Which country remained undefeated for 3 decades in hockey in Olympics?
Q57 What is the meaning of the motto “CITIUS, ALTINS, FORTIUS”, OF Olympics games?
Q58 Name the athlete who won the Olympics marathon barefoot?
Q59 Which country’s team always marches last in the march past at the opening ceremony?
Q60 When did the Olympics first moved to Asia?
Q61 Which country has won the max. no. of gold medals, in Olympics since its
Q62 How many golds have India won in men’s field Hockey in Olympics?
Q63 Name the gymnast to score perfect 10 seven times at Olympics?
Q64 Which world event lead to cancellation of Olympics in 1916, 1940, 1944?
Q65 Where is the 2012 Olympics scheduled to be held?
Q66 Which country has won the most medals at Olympics without ever hosting it?
Q67 Neve & Gliz were the official mascot of which Olympics games?
Q68 The Olympics creed expresses the Olympics spirit 7 say the most imp. thing is
Q69 In which Olympics were Japan & Germany not invited?
Q70 In 1956, Melbourne Olympics games India reached semi- finals. Name the sport?
Q71 In which Olympics game Leander Peas won bronze medal?
Q72 Due to extravagant building before the games, the residents of which North
American host city needed 17 years to raise money needed to pay off their Olympics
Q73 Which city hoisted the Olympics summer games in the south of equator?
Q74 What is the serial no. of 2008 Beijing Olympics?
Q75 When & where was the Olympics flag hoisted first?
Q76 At which place are 2010 Olympics winter games scheduled?
Q77 Which city was going to host the 1916 summer Olympics before they were cancelled
due to world war?
Q78 Which year marked the beginning of South Africa’s ban from Olympics for not
denouncing segregation in sports?
Q79 A record set by an Indian in Athletics remained unmatched of more than 20 years in Olympics. Name the athlete?
Q80 In which year was the first Olympics Torch Relay started?
Q81 1972 saw the most disastrous games of all, when protests turned violent & athletes were murdered. Where were these held?
Q82 Located 7,400 feets above the sea level, this city is by far the highest to ever host the Olympics, Name the city?
Q83 Which Asian city was 2 votes shy of Sidney in its bid to host the 2000 summer
Q84 Which US athlete was expelled from summer Olympics for giving the black power
salute durning Star Spangled Banner?
Q85 At which Olympiad were women first allowed to participate in track & field events?
Q86 Name the famous Hollywood celebrity who withdrew as an advisor to 2008 games
to protest China’s policies in Darfur?
Q87 In which year People’s Republic of China, begin a boycott of summer games in
response to International Olympics Committee’s inclusion of Taiwan?
Q.88 In which year India last won the Olympics hockey gold?
Q89 Who won the max. no. of golds in single Olympics?
Q90. Name the governing body of the Olympic games.
Q91 What is the Olympic Epigram?
Q92 When was the Olympic Emblem created?
Q93 When was the Indian Olympic Council established and who was its first President?
Q94 What is the Olympic motto?
Q95 When did India officially participate in the Olympics for the first time?
Q96. During which month are the Winter Olympics usually held?
Q100 In 394 which Roman Emperor abolished the Olympic Games?
Q101.What does the Olympic Emblem represent?
Q102.Where is the Olympic Flame ignited and how?
Q103 Where are the headquarters of International Olympic Committee?
Q104 Where and when were the first modern Olympic games held?
Q105 Approximately how many athletes are participating in Beijing Olympics 2008?
Q106 What was the venue of 1992 Olympics?
Q107. How many gold medals have been won by the Indian Hockey Team in the
Q108 What is the emblem of the 2008 Summer Olympics?
Q109.How many events are there in the Beijing Olympics?
Q110 How many nations are participating in the Beijing Olympics?
Q111 Which stadium will be the centerpiece of 2008 Summer Olympics?
Q112 How many new events will be held in 2008 Olympics?
Q113 What does FUWA mean?
Q114 Why were the games called off in 1940 and 1944?
Q115 What is the significance of 1960 Olympics?
Q116 Name the Indian who won a bronze medal in tennis at the 1996 Olympics.
Q117 For which continent does the yellow ring in the Olympic emblem stand for?
Q118 Which are the official languages for the Olympic movement?
Q119 In 1956 which countries boycotted the games?
Q120 In which year Olympic Flag and Olympic Oath were introduced?
Q121When were the special Olympics founded?
Q122 What is oath of special Olympics?
Q123 What is special Olympics?
Q124 When was the first Special Olympics USA NATIONAL GAMES held?
Q 125 Who revived the Olympic Games?
Q126 For how long the Summer games last?
Q127 Name the Indian who occupied the fourth place in the 400m final at the 1960
Q128 How many countries participated in the first modern Olympics?
Q129 When were the Gymnasiums first introduced?
Q130 Name the Indian who occupied the fourth place in the 400m hurdles at the 1984
Q131 What metal is used in the third place metal?
Q132 Where will be 2012 Olympics held?
Q133 Which country always marches last in the march past in the opening ceremony?
Q134 Which country’s team remained undefeated in hockey between 1928 and 1956?
Q135 When was the first time Olympic Games moved to Asia?
Q136 What field event was staged at the ancient arena in olympia at the athens olympics?
Q137 The olympics were held in honor of which Greek God?
Q138 What were winners of olympics events crowned with in ancient times?
Q139 What's the Olympic weightlifting record?
Q140 The word 'Taekwondo' means:
Q141 In the early Olympic Games, only free, male Greek citizens could compete. After
Rome conquered Greece, Romans participated as well. Which Roman emperor competed
at Olympia in a ten-horse chariot race?
Q142 In which year were the first Modern Olympics held?
Q143 What is the serial number of the 2008 Beijing Olympics?
Q144 At what frequency are the Olympic Games held?
Q145 Who was the first winner in modern Olympics?
Q146 Who has won the maximum number of gold medals in a single Olympic Games in
the history of the Olympics?
Q147 In which city were the first Modern Olympics held?
Q148 When was the original Olympiad first held
Q149 Name the person who has won the maximum number of cumulative gold medals in
the Olympics over a period of time?
Q150 Who is the athlete to win the Olympic marathon barefoot?
Q151 Who was the first gymnast to score a perfect 10 seven times at the Olympics?
Q152 How many events were held at the first 13 Olympiads?
Q153 Who was the founder of the Modern Olympics?
Q154 Where are the Olympics in the Year 2000?
Q155 What does the flash on top of the 2000 Olympic emblem represent?
Q156 What animals are the three mascots for the 2000 Games?
Q157 How many sports are represented at the Olympics in 2000?
Q158 What is the name of the symbols used to represent the Olympic sports?
Q159 Which Olympic sports are open to women for the first time in 2000?
Q160 Who was the first Australian to win an Olympic medal?
Q161 Which famous Australian Olympian also founded a tyre company?
Q162 Who was the first Australian woman to win an Olympic medal?
Q163 Who is the youngest swimmer selected for the Games in 24 years?
Q164 In what year was the first Olympic Torch Relay?
Q165 Who was the first Indian woman to win a medal in the Olympics?
Q166 What is the serial number of the 2000 Sydney Olympics?
Q167 When was the first time the Olympic Games moved to Asia?
Q168 Which country has won the maximum number of gold medals since the inception
of the Olympic Games?
Q169 Which was the opening date of London Olympics 1948?
Q170 Who won gold medal in hockey in London Olympics 1948?
Q171 Which was the closing date of London Olympics 1948?
Q172 How many countries participated in London Olympics 1948?
Q173 What is the duration of Olympics excluding days of opening and closing
Q174 Against what background Olympic rings appear?
Q175 On what basis were the colours of Olympic rings chosen?
Q176 Where is the Olympic torch lit?
Q177 What object did the archers hit during the competition before the target board was introduced?
Q178 Which Indian athlete received the honor of leading Asian team in the World Cup
Q179 How many sports events are there in the Beijing Olympics?
Q180 How many gold medals are won by U.S.A.?
Q181 When was the Beijing Olympic Flame lit?
Q182 The Olympic Flame traveled across ______number of countries to reach the mainland, China.
Q183 When will the games be inaugurated in Beijing?
Q184 What is the symbol of Beijing Olympics 2008?
Q185 What are Paralympics games in Olympics?
Q186 Which architectural marvel of Beijing is being renovated and reopened?
Q187 Who is the director of the Organizing Committee for 2008 Olympics?
Q188 What is the duration of Beijing Olympics?
Q189 What is the motto of the Paralympics?
Q190 Where was the last Olympic games held in 2004?
Q191 Who are the three Indians participating in the archery competition at Beijing?
Q192 The television station of which country was slammed by the International Olympic
Committee for “stealing” the footage of the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony?
Q193 In the 1988 Olympics, Ben Johnson was tested positive for steroids. To which
country did he belong to?
Q194 What does HGH stands for?
Q195 What does EPO stands for?
Q196 Which country refused to participate in this Olympics?
Q197 Which Indian player refused to take the Olympic torch?
Q198 IAAF suspended 6 athletes for doping. Which country did they belong to?
Q199 Which American swimmer won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympic games held at
Q200 Which country has had to return the highest number of medals due to doping
Q201 Which American Decathlete is participating in Olympics 2008?
Q202 What is the full form of ITF?
Q203 Who is the only Indian to have carried the Olympic torch on the Chinese soil?
Q204 Which country usually was the first is now will be the last to enter the Olympics stadium?
Q205 The 1976 Olympics gold medalnt Nadia Comaneci of Romania belongs to which
sport ?
Q206 Which Thai tennis star was given special invite to Beijing Olympcs by the ITF
recently ?
Q207 Which district of India is proudly sending 4 boxers to the Beijing Olympics ?
Q208 Where are the opening and closing ceremonies of Olympics held ?
Q209 Known as the “Ahen Egg”, this massive structure located in the heart to the the
Tiananmen Square has faced stiff public opposition for its “assault” on surrounding
Chinese architecture. Name the structure.
Q210 Under which sport is Gagan Narang participating in the Beijing Olympics?
Q211 The 1968 Mexico Olympics witnessed “Black Power” protest by 2 US athletes.
Who were they?
Q212 Who was the only man to win the gold medals in both winter and summer
Q213 Which sport was included in Olympics in 1900, but was discontinued in 1904?
Q214 What does IAAF stands for?
Q215 When the Paralympics will be held?
Q216 Who was the first president of IOC?
Q217 Who composed the Olympic motto?
Q218 What does the Olympic flame symbolizes?
Q219 What is the diameter and thickness of the gold medal of Olympics?
Q220 Where was the Olympic flame lighted ceremonially for the first time?
Q221 Which Indian won the first ever medal in Olympics?
Q222 What was the venue of the first winter Olympic games?
Q223 What is the length and breadth of the Olympic flag?
Q224 Name the exact event won by R.V.S. Rathore in Athens, 2004?
Q225 What will be the venue of 2010 winter Olympic games?
Q226 In which year, the games in Olympics were not recognized by IOC?
Q227 From which year the women started competing in the Olympics?
Q228 Who was the first Indian wrestler to won a medal in Olympics?
Q229 Where and when was the modern version of the Olympic flame was adopted?
Q230 In history, who ordered to stopped the Olympic games after A.D. 394?
Q231 When and where was the motto of the Olympic games introduced?
Q232 When and where did India won the last gold medal?
Q233 Before Beijing, which Asian country hosted the Olympic games?
Q234 Which Indian athlete lost the bronze medal by a fraction of a second?
Q235 Team of which country was killed by the terrorists in the 1972 Olympics?
Q236 Apart from Beijing Olympics, how many times Asia had hosted the Olympic
Q237 Which colour of ring represents the continent Australia?
Q238 What is the total number of medals won by India so far?
Q239 When did India made its debut in the Olympics?
Q240 What number of medals are won by Indian sportsperson on individual basis?
Q241 Which country invited China to join Olympic Federation in 1984?
Q242 Which two countries boycotted the Olympics in 1980 and 1984?
Q243 To which country the present President of IOC belongs to?
Q244 Which WWE champion was a gold medalist in wrestling in Atlanta Olympics,
Q245 Which Indian athlete got sixth position in the last Olympics?
Q246 Micheline Ostermeyer won the gold medals in the shot putt and discus events in
1948 games in London. What was his original profession?
Q247 Which legendary heavyweight champion lit the cauldron in the 1996 games at
Q248 From which year, the Olympic games were limited to 16 days?
Q249 Which British athlete won the unusual 400-800m double during the 2004
Q250 Who was the competitor country for the next Olympics, 2012 to get the privilege of hosting it?
Q251 Name the country which won the Olympics Bronze medal in the Men’s High
Q252 Name the winner of Olympics Gold medal in Men’s High jump.
Q253 When was Women’s High jump introduced in Olympics?
Q254 Name the country which won the Olympics Silver medal in the Men’s high jump.
Q255 Name the country which won the Olympics Gold medal in the Women’s high
Q256 What was the maximum height jumped by the Gold medalist in finals of Men’s
Olympics high jump 2008?
Q257 On what countback rule did the gold medalist of Women’s high jump final won her
Gold medal?
Q258 Name the country which won the Olympics Silver medal in the Women’s high
Q259 Name the country which won the Olympics Bronze medal in the Women’s high
Q260 On which date was the Men’s High jump final held?
Q261 In which year did Archery first appeared as a sport in Olympic games ?
Q262 Name the international governing body of Archery ?
Q263 How many Archery events held at the Olympic ?
Q264 How many archers are there in each team of Archery at Olympic?
Q265 What is the total number of men and women who compete in Archery at the
Olympic games ?
Q266 The host nation automatically qualifies how many places per gender for the
individual and team competitions in Archery at Olympic ?
Q267 Name the field which is used for Archery at Olympic ?
Q268 What were the dates for Archery events at Olympic ?
Q269 Which country has won the maximum number of medals in Archery at Olympic ?
Q270 What is the total number of medals given in Archery at Olympic?
Q271 In which year men’s pole vault included in Olympics?
Q272 Which Olympics included women’s pole vault for the first time?
Q273 Who has won the gold medal in recent Olympics (men’s)?
Q274 How high he jumped which made him won the gold medal?
Q275 Who has won the silver medal in recent Olympics (men’s)?
Q276 Who has won the bronze medal in recent Olympics ( men’s)?
Q277 When was the men’s finals in pole vault held , this time?
Q278 Who has won the gold medal in recent Olympics( Women’s)?
Q279 Who has won the silver medal in recent Olympics( Women’s)?
Q280 Who has won the bronze medal in recent Olympics( Women’s)?
Q281 When was the women’s finals in pole vault held , this time?
Q282 Who is the winner of Men’s Diving 10 m platform ?
Q283 Which country got the gold medal in Women’s Diving 10 m platform ?
Q284 To which country Michael Phelps belong to?
Q285 Who is the winner of Men’s Swimming Marathon 10 km?
Q286 Which country won the the gold medal in Men’s Swimming 4x 100 m relay ?
Q287 Who is the winner of 100 m butterfly?
Q288 How many gold medals are hold by china in diving?
Q289 Who is the winner of men’s diving 3m spring board?
Q290 Who is the winner of men’s 1500m free?
Q291 Who won the gold at the women’s BMX event of Olympic cycling tournament?
Q292 Which country broke four records during five days of competition in cycling in
Beijing 2008?
Q293 Who won the gold in the Men’s point race?
Q294 Which of the following cycling disciples is not a part of the Olympic games?
Q295 Who claimed her first career Olympic gold medal winning the women’s sprint in
Q296 Who won the first ever Gold medal in men’s BMX in Beijing 2008?
Q297 What does BMX stands for?
Q298 Which country won both, the Gold and the silver medals in women’s BMX event
in Beijing?
Q299 Which of the following is not on the list of event for Beijing 2008?
Q300 Which of the following is considered a pioneer in Mountain biking?
Q301 In which year did boxing become as a permanent game of Olympics ?
Q302 Which game is still not open for women ?
Q303 What age limit has been set at for a boxer competing in the Olympics Games ?
Q304 In Boxing, whenever a boxer commits a Foul, it means
Q305 Name the category in which the Indian Boxer “Vijender Kumar” participated in
Olympics 2008 ?
Q306 Who won the Gold Medal in “Heavy Weight” Boxing ?
Q307 Who defeated Indian Boxer “Akhil Kumar” in quarter final in Olympics 2008?
Q308 Name the category in which the Indian Boxer “Akhil Kumar” participated in
Olympics 2008 ?
Q309 How many categories were there in Boxing at Olympics 2008?
Q310 How many rounds are there in each Bout of Boxing at Olympics 2008?



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