1. Which has the highest mountain: Earth or Mars?
2. What are the small indentations on a golf ball called?
3. Which city has the largest population?
4. Which country claims the world's tallest building?
Malaysia, the twin Petronas Towers at 1,483 feet.
5. With which device are earthquakes recorded?
6. Who was once known as the King of Soul, and now as the Godfather of Soul?
[James Brown]
7. Name the Yellow Telly Tubby.
[La La]
8. What is 'Tiger' Woods's first name?
1. What are Alpha Centauri and Sirius?
2. Which actress starred in High Society ?
[Grace Kelly]
3. In which war was Operation Desert Storm?
[Gulf War]
4. Which 60s rock group recorded "Lighter Shade of Pale"?
[Procol Harum]
5. Clean, Jerk, and Snatch are terms used in which activity?
[weight lifting]
6. Which country is bordered by both the Atlantic and Indian Oceans?
[Republic of South Africa]
7. Which insect accurately indicates the air temperature: cricket, mosquito, or spider?
8. In which business is the richest man in the world?
[computer software, programs, Windows, --but not computers]

1. How many men have walked on the moon: 4, 8, or 12?
2. In which country would one find 8 of the world's 10 highest moiuntains?
3. Which is the world's second-largest country in land area?
4. What is the most common blood type in humans?
[Type O]
5. The first television set was sold in which year: 1928, 1938, 1948?
6. The name of which area in the Pacific means "many islands"?
7. What is the only word in English ending in the letters 'mt'?
8. There are only four words in the English language which end in "dous". Two are tremendous and stupendous. Name the other two.
[horrendous or hazardous]
1. Which soup has calf's head as its main ingredient?
[Mock Turtle Soup]
2. When there are two full moons in the same month, what is
the second called?
[Blue Moon]
3. Which word does the 'e' in 'e-mail' stand for?
4. Who wrote "Waiting for Godot"?
[Samuel Beckett]
5. What is the name given to the process of signaling with two flags?
6. What is the currency of Switzerland?
[Swiss Franc]
7. What is the business term for assets which can be immediately
turned into cash?
[liquid assets]
8. Which country beginning with a 'T' has a shoreline on the Andaman Sea?
1. Which is the largest planet in the solar system?
2. In which country is the world's largest McDonalds Restaurant?
3. Which US state capital ends in 'x'?
4. Which US store chain is named after the first mate in Moby Dick?
5. True or False? Only one word in English rhymes with 'silver'.
[False--none do.]
6. Which Beatle's first girlfriend was Thelma Pickles?
[John Lennon]
7. Which is largest: a megabyte, a kilobyte, or a gigabyte?
8. Which instrument did Louis Armstrong play?
1. Which Irish-American playwright wrote Moon for the Misbegotten, Long Day's Journey Into Night and The Iceman Cometh ?
[Eugene O'Neil]
2. What is Triskadekaphobia?
[Fear of the number 13]
3. On which street do Bert and Ernie live?
[Sesame St.]
5. One tablespoon = how many teaspoons?
6. Name the stock-market trader who sent Barings Bank into bankruptcy.
[Nick Leeson]
7. What does a numismatist do?
[collects coins]
8. What does a philatelist do?
[collects stamps]

1. After which actor was Mickey Mouse named?
[Mickey Rooney]
2. Which mythological figure flew so close to the sun that
the wax on his wings began to melt?
3. What is the capitol of the Netherlands?
[The Hague]
4. Name the ghost who appears at a banquet in Shakespeare's Macbeth?
5. What is the green pigment in plants called?
6. Where was the strongest Earthquake in 1999?
7. To the nearest mile, what is the length of the marathon?
[26 miles]
8. In terms of the amount of alcohol you get, which is the most expensive: whiskey, beer, or wine?
1. What is the capitol of South Africa?
2. What is the capitol of New Zealand?
3. Music: how many notes in the scale?
5. Which country has the largest Christian population?
6. In which country is Basque spoken?
7. What does the 'Big Bang Theory' deal with?
[universe, astronomy, or equivalent]
8. What does a taxidermist do?
[stuffs animals]
1.In which country is the Rose of Tralee Festival?
2.What claims to be the largest comedy festival in the world?
[Edinburgh Fringe Festival]
3.Which geographical area is part of both Chile and Argentina?
[Tierra del Fuego]

1. Name the blue Telly Tubby.
[Tinky Winky]
2. What do you call a ring-shaped coral island surrounding a central lagoon?
3. With which activity is Osamma Bin Laden [pr. "lah-din"] associated?
4. Which British singer has the same name as a famous author?
[Tom Jones]
5. Art Deco became popular in which decade?
[1920s or 1930s]
6. What is the largest living bird?
7. What is Rambo's first name?
8. Name the two main ingredients of pasta.
[flour and water]
1. Who invented the steam engine?
[James Watt]
2. In which year did Elvis die?
3. In which country are Casablanca and Marakesh?
4. Which team does Eddie Ervine drive for?
5. Where does Homer Simpson work?
[nuclear plant]
6. Approximately how many weeks did it usually take the Famine ships to reach America from Ireland?
[four or five]
7. What is the capital of Iraq?
8. What is the capital of Iran?

1. Which is heavier: a proton or an electron?
2. What is the world's largest island?
3. What was Marilyn Monroe's real first name?
4. In which century was the steam engine invented?
[18th, 1700s]
5. Who was the first man in space?
[Yuri Gagarin]
6. Where on the body is the human skin least sensitive?
7. Which volcano destroyed Pompeii?
[Mt. Vesuvius]
8. Who owns The Sun tabloid?
[Rupert Murdock]

1. In which country did Snooker originate?
[India (invented by British soldiers)]
2. What was Sherlock Holmes address?
[221B Baker St.]
3. Which Presley song has the same melody as an old Irish song?
[Love Me Tender]
4. Re Question 3: Name that old Irish song.
[Nora Lee (or Aura Lee]
5. How many stars in the Big Dipper?
6. Which alcoholic spirit is derived from juniper berries?
7. Who was the supreme Greek god?
8. What is xenophobia a fear of?
[foreigners, strangers]
Cinema '99 Theme
1. Who directed 2001: A Space Odyssey?
2. Re Q1: Name one of the two stars of his final film.
[Tom Cruise or Nicole Kidman]
3. Who got the Oscar this year for best performance by an actor in a leading role?
[Roberto Benigni in Life Is Beautiful ]
4. Who got the Oscar this year for best performance by an actress in a leading role?
[Gwyneth Paltrow in Shakespeare in Love ]
5. Who got the Oscar this year for best performance by an actor in a supporting role?
[James Coburn in Affliction ]
6. Who got the Oscar this year for best performance by an actress in a supporting role?
[Judi Dench in Shakespeare In Love ]
7. Which film got the Oscar this year for best picture?
[Shakespeare In Love ]
8. Who got the Oscar this year for best director?
[Stephen Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan ]


1. What is the world's most popular spectator sport?
[Auto Racing]
2. Who plays the private investigator Hetty Wainthrop?
[Patricia Rutledge]
3. What was civil-rights leader Martin Luther King's profession?
4. Who became leader of the Soviet Union immediately after Kruschev?
5. Which former tennis star won the most Wimbledon women's' titles?
[Billie Jean King]
6. What is the smallest country in North or South America?
[El Salvador]
7. Who wrote the melody of the song "No Matter What"?
[Andrew Lloyd Webber]
8. What is the capital of India?
[New Delhi (Delhi not acceptable)]


1. Who directed Jurassic Park?
[Stephen Spielberg]
2. In which country was Mel Gibson born?
[US (notAustralia)]
3. Which King founded the Church of England?
[Henry VIII]
4. How many rings in the Olympics emblem?
5. Whose ghost appeared to Hamlet?
6. In the fashion world what are mules?
7. In which Italian city is La Scala opera house?
8. Who wrote Sense and Sensibility ?
[Jane Austen]

1. Which recently-retired tennis great is currently dating a top-seed player?
[Steffie Graf]
2. Re Question 1: Name the top seeder.
[Andre Agasiz]
3. Which came first: Art Deco or Art Nouveau?
[Art Neuveau]
4. How long is the tunnel between England and France?
[31 miles (50K) or nearest answer]
5. In which country are Daewoo cars made?
6. In which year did the Berlin Wall come down?
7. Re Quest. 6: In which year was it erected?
8. How old is O'Dwyers' bar manager?
[adapt to person in quiz or quizmaster]

1. How many Godfather films have been made?
2. What do the US presidential surnames Adams, Johnson, and Roosevelt have in common?
[Two presidents for each]
3. Name the red Telly Tubby.
4. Which came first: the Neolithic Age or the Mesolithic Age?
5. In which region in France are Chardonnay wines produced?
6. Is it true or false that red wines should be served at room temperature?
7. What does a sommelier do?
[taste wine]
8. What is the capitol of Yugoslavia?

1. Who wrote The X Files ?
[Chris Carter]
2. What is the name of the galaxy of which our sun is a member?
[Milky Way Galaxy]
3. Which nut has the name of a S. American country?
4. Who played Perry Mason and Ironsides?
[Raymond Burr]
5. What is the highest score in Darts?
6. In which city id Karl Marx buried?
7. The name of which Spanish wine means 'bleeding'?
8. What is Michael Jackson's middle name?

1. Popgroups U2 and the Coors are from which country?
2. Who is the lead singer of Dire Straits?
[Mark Knoffler]
3. Where is most of the gold of the US govt. stored?
[Fort Knox]
4. A rhinologist specializes in the treatment of which part of the human body?
5. What is the Alsatian dog also known as?
[German Shepherd]
6. True or False?: The main styles of Medieval Art were the
Byzantine, Romanesque, and Gothic.
7. The carpal bones are found in which part of the human body?
8. What does 'GM' stand for in GM food?
["Genetically Modified"]

1. Which singer married and divorced the head of SONY music?
[Mariah Carey]
2. Which actress starred in Breakfast At Tiffany's ?
[Audrie Hepburn]
4. True or False?: Darwin's university degree was in Theology.
5. What is the spirit base of Blue Curacao [pr. "coora-sow"]?
6. Soccer: In which year was the first World Cup?
7. Into which planet did a recent space probe crash because NASA mixed kilometers and miles in their calculations?
8. By what name is Paul Francis Gadd better known?
[Gary Glitter]

1. Armani suits are from which city: Rome, New York, or Milan?
3. Which English soccer club was originally known as Newton Heath?
[Manchester United]
4. Which nationality was Christopher Columbus?
5. What is the largest city in the Sierra Madre mountains?
[Mexico City]
6. Which company is the world's largest producer of microchips?
7. What do communication satellites and a modern kitchen appliance have in common?
8. Who is Nicole Kidman's husband?
[Tom Cruise]

1. Name one of the two tiles with the highest score in Scrabble?
[Q or Z]
2. What are the Gibb brothers better known as?
3. Which racing team recently won a major appeal?
4. By what name was the explorer Cristobal Colon better known?
[Christopher Columbus]
5. True or False?: The Earth and the Moon are the same age.
6. From which star does the Moon get the most light?
[The Sun]


1. "Elizabeth Arden' is the brand name for which type of product?
[cosmetics, or equivalent]
2. In which year was the ESB founded: 1922, 1927, or 1932?
3. Liszt and Lewis played which musical instrument?
[piano (that's Jerry Lee Lewis)]
4. How is 120% expressed as a fraction?
[6/5, six fifths]
5. Which lanaguage is spoken by Walloons?
6. Which story begins " all children except one grow up"?
[Peter Pan ]
7. Which is the official Ferrari racing color?
8. How many digits in a Visa Card number?

1. Which dictator said, "In war it is not right that matters, but victory."?
2. From which US city can one travel south to Canada?
3. In which month did the solar eclipse occur this year?
4. Which color is the number 10 on the door of 10 Downing Street?
6. Who wrote Angela's Ashes ?
[Frank McCourt]
7. Besides sleep, what is normally impossible to do with your eyes open?
8. How old is tonight's quizologist and scorer?

1. Should it be "shaken not stirred" or "stirred not shaken"?
[shaken not stirred]
2. Where did the ukulele originate?
3. How many balls on the pool table at the start of a game?
4. Which film actor is Shirley McLaine's brother?
[Warren Beatty]
5. In which year was the first atom bomb dropped?
6. Where are Pikeur cigars made?
7. Where is a piste (pr. "peest") found?
[ski slope]
8. What is the plural of Mongoose ?

1. What was found to be out of focus after it was launched?
[Hubble Space Telescope]
2. In what position do adult horses normally sleep?
3. Name four of the Seven Deadly Sins.
[Anger, Covetousness, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Sloth]
4. Which was the largest hurricane in 1999?
5. What is the Mexican food Gazpacho?
[cold soup]
6. In which year did the Nazis invade Russia?
7. Name ALL of the Seven Dwarfs.
[Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy & Sneezy]
8. Re Question 7: How winy wore glasses?
[one (Doc)]


2. Is the normal number of bones in the adult human body 206 or 260?
3. Where in Scotland is Dunkirk?
[nowhere: it's in France]
4. In which year did Michael O'Hehir make his first broadcast?
5. What color is the cross on the flag of Finland?
6. Name the Primary Colors.
[Red, Yellow, & Blue]
7. In which year was the Battle of Hastings fought?


1. What do England, France, Spain, and Algeria have in common?
[Greenwich Meridian, or zero degrees longitude]
4. The aubergine comes from which plant?
5. Name the leather pouch on a Scottish Highlander's traditional clothing.
6. Which is the fastest land mammal?
7. What is meant by Tempis Fugit ?
["Time flies".]
8. What was the name of M's secretary in the James Bond films?
[Miss Moneypenny]


1. The Sousaphone is the parade version of which instrument?
2. Which instrument did Stern, Heifetz, Pagannani and Grapelly play?
3. Name a musical instrument is used in both gospel and rock?
[Organ, Tambourine]
6. Which could be a Stradivarius?
8. True or False?: The New York Philharmonic is one of the two
oldest orchestras in the world.


1. What would a cartographer make?
2. How many pairs of legs has the crab?
3. What is made by dipping bread in beaten egg and then fried?
[French Toast]
4. Are turtles mammals or reptiles?
5. Which alcohol spirit is made from cacti?
7. How many in a Baker's Dozen?
8. Name the character in The Three Musketeers based on a real person.

2. In which activity would one find the terms purl and plain ?
3. Which liquid is sometimes called Adam's Ale?
4. Which event in 1992 began with a flaming arrow igniting a torch?
5. How many carats is pure gold?
[twenty four]
7. What name is given to a badger's dwelling?
8. In which cartoon are Lucy and Linus?

1. From which country does Sherry originate?
2. What happens more than 86,000 times a day to everyone?
[A second passes.]
3. Name two of the three Tenors.
[Pavarotti, Carraras, Domingo]
4. How many chambers has the human heart?
5. Who played the doctor in The Incredible Hulk?
[Bill Bixby]
7. With what occupation is Guinness associated?
8. What does the acronym UNESCO stand for?
[United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Org.]

Who were the composer and lyricist for the Sound of Music?
[Rodgers & Hammerstein]

1. Meringue (pr. "mer-rang] is a combination of whisked egg white and what?
2. Which country has 60% of its citizens overweight?
3. Who said, "I have a dream."?
[Martin Luther King]
5. Was Immanuel Kant a musician or philosopher?
6. Which country defeated the Persians in the 5th Century BC?
7. Who was Aristotle's most famous student?
[Alexander the Great]
8. Who was Socrates's most famous student?

1. What would you need a modem for?
[computer, or Internet connection, or telephone connection]
2. Which is the largest planet in our solar system?
3. Which food type includes starches and sugars?
4. Where would one find the Continental Shelf?
[ocean, Atlantic Ocean, or equivalent]
5. Who is considered the most famous athlete of the 1990s worldwide?
[Michael Jordan]
7. The Olympic Torch is carried from which mountain to the host stadium?
[Mount Olympus]
8. The OAS is located in which hemisphere?


1. At which degree longitude is the International Date Line?
2. At which degree longitude is the Greenwich Meridian?
[Zero, or equivalent]
3. At which degree latitude is the Equator?
[zero, or equivalent]
4. The world's largest iceberg, just recently created by Global Warming,
broke off from which continent?
[The Antarctic]
5. Which US presidential candidate wrote a book about the present environmental crisis?
[Albert Gore]
7. True or False?: Guinea pigs are rodents.


1. Which is the oldest commercial whiskey distiller?
2. What is a Rhode Island Red?
3. Who played the character 'Red' in Shawshank Redemption ?
[Morgan Freedman]
4. Who played the serial killer in Seven Deadly Sins?
{Kevin Spacey]
5. Name four of the Seven Deadly Sins.
[Anger, Covetousness, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Pride, Sloth]
6. In the sitcom Friends, who plays Ross?
[David Schwimmer]
7. Name one of the two characters in Friends now doing TV ads for beauty products?
[Rachel--Jennifer Anniston, or Monica--Courtney Cox]
8. If a dish is served 'Florentine', what vegetable will it contain?

1. Which breed of animal is the chinchilla?
2. If you had myopia, what would you suffer from?
3. In which range of mountains id the Matterhorn?
4. Internet: What do the letters 'www' stand for?
[world wide web]
5. Approximately how may hairs on the human head: 100,000,
1/2 million, or 1 million?
6. How many pillars in the House of Wisdom?
7. Which very famous song did the Hill sisters write?
["Happy Birthday"]
8. Name the capitol of Pakistan.

1. What is the central ingredient in Mulligatawny Soup?
2. What is gazpacho?
[cold soup, or equivalent]
3. Which type of pastry is used to make vol au vents?
[puff pastry]
4. What are Petite Pois? [pr. "petty-pwahs"]
5. What would a soporific drug make one do?
6. In which musical does the character Fagan appear?
[Oliver ]
7. How many dots on two dice?
8. Who was Cleopatra's lover before she married Marc Anthony?

1. In which Paris shop did Charlie Haughey like to buy shirts?
2. A group of geese is called what?
3. Spell the word pneumonia .
4. What is the title of Frank McCord's new novel?
[Tis ]
5. How many Catherines did Henry VIII marry?
[Three: Catherine of Aragon, Catherine Parr, and Catherine Howard]
6. Who played Michael Collins's sweetheart in the movie?
[Julia Roberts]
8. How many keys on a standard piano?

1. Which famous Irish tenor died this year?
[Joseph Locke]
2. In which TV family was Lurch the butler?
[Addams Family]
3. Which is the southernmost US state?
4. What does the Dell company make?
5. In which country would you find the Algonquin language?
6. What is the name of the new popgroup in which the oldest member
is 11 years old?
7. True or False?: The Euro notes are all the same size regardless of denomination.
8. True or False? The highest denomination Euro note is 100Euros.
[False: it's 500]

1. If you were born on the 24th of September, which star sign would you be?
2. About which town is the song "The Town I Loved So Well"?
3. Re Quest 2: Who wrote it?
[Phil Coulter]
5. Which cat has no tail?
6. Who was Art Garfunkle's singing partner?
[Paul Simon]
7. Who was violent: Jekyll or Hyde?
{Mr. Hyde]
8. With which activity is Carlos the Jackal associated?
[terrorism (or equivalent)]


1. Elton John's song "Candle in the Wind" is a tribute to which star?
[Marilyn Monroe]
2. Name the bear in the Muppets show.
3. Who plays Dr. Mark Green in ER?
[Anthony Edwards]
6. What does MGM stand for?
[Metro Goldwyn & Mayer]
7. In which TV series did Christopher Timothy star as a veterinary surgeon?
[All Creatures Great and Small]
8. What was Lovejoy's profession?
[antique dealer]


1. What's the other name for German Measles?
2. Who killed Dr. Martin Luther King?
{James Earl Ray]
3. Maire Brennan is lead singer of which group?
4. Which is the world's warmest sea?
[The Red Sea]
5. True or False? Halley's comet orbits the sun.
6. According to some psychologists, what do men think about every nine minutes?
7. Where on the Rattlesnake is its rattler?
8. Who was Liza Minelli's mother?
[Judy Garland]


1. Who was Ronald Reagan's first wife?
[Jane Wyman]
2. Who was RTE's first newscaster?
[Charles Mitchell]
3. Who plays the incompetent proprietor of Fawlty Towers?
[John Cleese]
4. What would inhabit an apiary?
[the bee]
5. In which US city was the House of the Rising Sun?
[New Orleans]
6. What would never make silk purse?
[a sow's ear]
7. The Sikh [pr."seek] religion is native to which country?
8. What is the collective name for a group of domestic cats?


1. Name either of the two Star Wars robots.
[R2D2 or C-3PO]
2. Which is Dublin's oldest surviving church?
[Christ Church Cathedral]
3. On which date is Bastille Day celebrated each year?
[July 14]
4. Which is the only mammal that can fly?
[the bat]
5. Name the Greenpeace ship that was blown up in New Zealand.
[Rainbow Warrior]
6. In which county is Fairyhouse Race Course?
7. Which country gives a Christmas tree to Britain every year?
8. Name Shirley McLaine's actor brother.
{waren Beatty]


1. How many pieces in a Rubik's Cube: 25, 26, or 27?
2. Who was the first ruler of the Holy Roman Empire?
[Charlemagne (pr. "char-le-main")]
3. Which Irish city is known as City of the Tribes?
4. Who asked "What's Up Doc?"
[Bugs Bunny]
5. What name is given to the male swan?
6. In which city or country is the statue of the Little Mermaid?
{Copenhagen or Denmark]
7. Which is the deepest and longest lake in the UK?
{Loch Ness]
8. In the Bible, who wore a coat of many colors?

1. Who wrote the Bond novels?
[Ian Fleming]
2. Which country gave the Statue of Liberty to America?
3. Which president appears on the five-dollar bill?
4. In which year was Jack Charlton appointed Irish soccer manager?
5. Which spirit is used in a Bloody Mary?
6. Which instrument does James Galway play?
7. In the nursery rhyme, with what did the dish run away?
[the spoon]
8. Riyadh [pr. "ree-yahd"] is the cpital od which country?
{saudi Arabia]


1. T.S. Eliot would be associated with what?
2. Who presents the show "Don't Feed the Gondolas" on Network 2?
[Sean Moncrieff]
3. Who is the only son of Prince Ranier and Grace Kelly?
4. What was Mr. Magoo's handicap?
[poor eyesight, or short-sightedness (or equivalent)]
5. Salvatore Dali was associated with which art form?
[painting, or surrealism]
6. In which year was the horse Shergar kidnapped: 1979, 1981, or 1983?
7. Which herb is the traditional accompaniment for lamb?
8. What is a John Dory?

What color is a NYC taxi?
In chess, what are castles otherwise known as?
What is the art of shaping hedges?

1.Who invented the phonograph? [Edison]
2.What is the next line in the Xmas carol after 'O little town of Bethlehem'?
3.['How still we see thee lie']
4.Where was the first movie shown on Dec. 28, 1895? [Paris]
5.What is the business term for assets which can be immediately turned into cash? [liquid assets]
6.What piece of sport equipment has a head, face, heel, and toe? [golf iron]
7.Which is the longest bone in the human body?
[femur, thigh bone]
8.Charles Babbage invented the forerunner of which piece of electronic equipment?
9.What is an assembly of Cardinal's called?
10.In the European Union, what does 'ESF' stand for?
[European Social Fund]
11.Albert Gore wrote a book on which subject?
[environment, or equivalent]

1.Who was at the centre of the Barings Bank collapse? [Nick Leeson]
2.What is the name of a judgement by a court of law that is used to justify
subsequent verdicts in other courts? [precedent]
3.What is the term used for formally giving up the right to rule? [abdication]
4.What word describes any animal that has hooves? [ungulate]
5.Which chemical element is the main source of nuclear energy? [uranium]
6.Which European country has the largest representation in the European Parliament with 99 members? [Germany]
7.Argentic compounds are compounds of which metal? [silver]
8.What name is given to the study of the flight of projectiles? [ballistics]
9.Which French phrase is used for 'a dangerously attractive woman' ?
[femme fatale]
10.Who created the character Gunga Din? [Rudyard Kipling]
1.How soon did Romeo plan to marry Julliette after their first meeting?
[the next day]
2.What is hypotension? [low blood pressure]
3.What is Triskadekaphobia? [Fear of the number 13]
4.Which novel tells the story of the duel between a Cuban fisherman and a large fish, a marlin? [The Old Man and the Sea]
5.In Genesis, which of the following is declared to be the first to be blessed:
a) birds and sea-creatures
b) mankind
c) the river Euphrates? [birds and sea-creatures (1:20-22)]
6.On a weather map, an isobar connects places having equal -------?
[barometric pressure]
7.On a weather map, an isohel [spell it] connects places having equal -----------?
[periods of sunshine]
8.What is the name of the fee paid to exchange one kind of money for another?
9.What is the name given to unbranded cattle? [maverick]
10.The larkspur is better known by its Latin name to most gardeners. What is it?
11.What is the name given to a word that is a rearrangement of the letters of another word?
[anagram (e.g., now and won)]
1. Which country is the world's largest producer of uranium? [Canada]
2. What does hypodermic mean?
[under the skin, below, etc.]
3. Mythology: Who flew so close to the sun that the wax on his wings began to melt?
4. Ancient Egypt: What name is given to the rocky narrow gorge on the West Bank of the Nile used as a cemetary by the Pharohs? [Valley of the Kings]
5. Which flamboyant American entertainer said after a negative review, "I cried all the way to the bank"?
6. Which gas is produced by the process of photosynthesis? [oxygen]
7. Which desert, covering more than 1 million sq. kilometres, is part of Mongolia and China?
[Gobi Desert]
8. Which American singer is the daughter of soul singer Cissy Houston?
What is the legal term for willfully giving false evidence in court? [perjury]

Who directed the movie Jaws ? [Spielberg]
'Clean & Jerk,' and 'Snatch' are terms used in which sport? [weight lifting]

Which Latin phrase refers to a person not acceptable to others?
[personna non grata ]

What results from the chemical interaction of iron, oxygen, and water? [rust]

In the European Union, what does ' EMS ' stand for?
[European Monetary System]

A hemotologist is a doctor who specializes in the study of what?
[blood, or blood diseases]

Who wrote, "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise."? [Thomas Gray]

Who said, "A government which robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul."? [George Bernard Shaw]

Which town name means Church of the Sloes, or Church of the Plums? [Killarney] (P.W. Joyce, Irish Local Place Names Explained, p. 56.)
What note follows 'mi' in the scale?['fa']

What does the musical term a capella mean? [unaccompanied]

Who won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1995? [Seamus Heaney]

Which country experienced the two worst volcanoes in history? [Indonesia]

What is the highest mountain in Europe? [Mt. Blanc, 15,771ft]

What is the 2nd highest mountain in the world? [K2, in Kashmir]

What is the pseudonym used by the founder of Alcoholic Anonymous?
["Bill W."]

What is France's northernmost wine-producing region? [Champagne]

Which Hollywood star was not allowed to use his real name "Michael Douglas" because the Screen Actor's Guild allows only one of each name, and there was already a "Michael Douglas?" [Michael Keaton]

By what screen name was actor Marion Michael Morrison known as? [John Wayne]

What does the Latin above the MGM logo (Ars Gratia Arts), mean?
['Art for Art's Sake', or 'Art for the Sake of Art']

In the movie "2001: A Space Odysey, what was the computer's name?
[HAL] (Heuristically programmed, ALgorythmic computer. Heuristics is the science of making computers mimick human speech patterns.)

Which television and movie star was arrested in 1979 for selling cocaine to an undercover policeman? [Tim Allen]

Some centesimal years, i.e., those ending in 00, are leap years.
Will the year 2000 be a leap year? [Yes]
(3 of every 4 centesimal years (ending in 00) are common years, not leap years.
But because a common year is one day PLUS 11hrs longer, every fourth centesimal year is made a leap year. 1600 was a leap year; 1700, 1800, and 1900 were not, but 2000 will be." [Source: World Almanac])

Who shared the "1968 Best Actress" Oscar with Barbara Striesand?
[Katharine Hepburn for The Lion in Winter ]

Where would one find the world's largest gypsum quarry? [Nova Scotia]

What is the name of the Irish Airports Authority? [Aer Rianta]

Which American city, Detroit, New York, or Chicago, was described by Hunter S Thompson as "This vicious stinking zoo; this mean-grinning, mace-smelling boneyard of a city; an elegant rockpile of a monument to everything cruel and stupid in the human spirit"? [Chicago]

What was the name of the "Bond Girl" played by Ursula Andress in Dr No?
[Honey Rider]

What is a government run by women called? [Gynarchy]
('Matriarchy' refers not to government but to social structure and culture.)

If you suffer from pogonophobia, of what would you have a fear? [beards]

Name one of the countries bordering Angola. [either Zaire, Zambia, or Namibia]

Which Asian island consists of three different countries? [Borneo]
(It's the world's third largest island, home to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunai.)

The majority of the land area of Africa lies in which hemishpere? [Northern]
(Popular imagination holds that Africa is situated primarily in the
southern hemisphere, but most of Africa is located in the northern hemisphere.)

Which is further west, New York City or Santiago, Chile? [NYC]
(New York City is at 74:00:23 west. Santiago is at 70:40:00 west.
It's helpful to remember that the majority of South America is east of
the U.S.)

Which countries make up Great Britain? [England, Scotland and Wales]

Which countries make up the United Kingdom? [Great Britain and Northern Ireland]

True or False: rocky soils are good for growing grapes for wine because they tend to be less fertile? [TRUE]

Which state is the largest producer of wines in the US? [California]
1. TRUE or FALSE: computers double in speed and memory size every 18 months?
2. What term originated with the Norse practise of consuming large quantities of Mead, (which is made with honey) during the first month of a marriage? [Honeymoon]
3. When there are two full moons in the same month, what is the second called? [Blue Moon]
4. What does the term 'somniloquy' mean? [talking while asleep]
5. What is the main ingredient of 'mock turtle soup'? [calf's head]
6. TRUE or FALSE: The four largest planets in our Solar System all have rings around them? [TRUE]
7. What is made with fermenting yeast and held in tanks for 2 months at 40 degrees? [Lager or Beer]
8. TRUE or FALSE? Fingernails have a total life span of 3 to 6 years.
9. Before thermometers were invented, brewers would dip a thumb or finger into the mix to find the right temperature for adding yeast. Too cold, and the yeast wouldn't grow. Too hot, and the yeast would die. Which well-known term grew out of this?
[THE RULE OF THUMB] [Source: Hog's Head Beer Cellar Newsletter- 10/97]
10. Months which begin on a Sunday will always have what? [A Friday the 13th]

1. TRUE or FALSE: Dalmatian dogs are born pure white with no spots?
[TRUE] They don't start getting spots until they are three or four days old.
2. How long did it take the 3 Wise Men from the East to reach the
manger of Christ? [12 Days]
3. In the carol 'Twelve Days of Christmas,' what is the total number of gifts that 'my TRUE love gave to me' ? [364]
4. On which day of the week are people statistically more likely to suffer back injuries or a heart attack? [Monday]
5. Does an average man sweat 2 1/2 quarts, 2 1/2 pints, or 2 1/2 ounces every day?
[2 1/2 quarts]
6. In which city: Bombay, Boston, Los Angeles, or Paris do workers get the highest average number of paid holidays? [Bombay!]
7. TRUE or FALSE: On average, a man will speak 7000 words over the course of a day while a woman will only speak 2000 words. [FALSE. It's the reverse.]
8. Does a woman or a man hold the record for the longest time in space? [woman]
During her record 188 day stay in the Mir Space Station, NASA astronaut Shannon Lucid covered 75 million miles circling the Earth 3,008 times, aloft longer than any US astronaut. [Source: NASA]
9. Does the average human heart beat 10,000 times each day, or 100,000 times a day?
10 By using plastic drink containers instead of glass, do airliners save an average per-flight cost of $20,000 or $2,000 on fuel costs? [$20,000]
[Source: Readers Digest Australia]
1. There are only two independent nations in Europe that are smaller than Central Park in New York City. One is Monaco. Name the other. [Vatican City]
2. TRUE or FALSE: The decimal number system was invented by the ancient Greeks?
[FALSE] The Incas of Peru created the decimal system
3. Which was the last number to be added to number system: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, or 9? [zero] The basis of Arabic numerals, including the newly invented 'zero', probably originated in India around the 6th century and this new knowledge followed the trade routes to the Arab world.
4. Where is the world's largest McDonalds? {Beijing, China]
The McDonalds in Beijing is 28,000 square feet, 2 stories high, and seats 700 and
employs 1,000. The Moscow McDonald's also seats 700. [Source: McDonalds, Inc.]
5. Complete this quote by George Bernard Shaw: "Youth is wasted on the ..."
6. Is the human brain 20%, 40%, or 80% water? [80%]
7. Which uses more energy: shaving with a hand razor or with an electric razor?
[hand razor] because of the water wasted and the electricity used by the water pump.
8. Which is the largest planet in our Solar System? [Jupiter]
9. What is the person called who is taken on board a ship in order to guide it in and out of port? [pilot]
10 What is the name of the milky fluid produced by rubber trees? [latex]
1. Which two countries occupy the Scandinavian Peninsula? [Norway & Sweden]
2. Whose face is referred to in "The face that launched a thousand ships"?
[Helen of Troy]
3. What is the name of the aire used in the song Danny Boy? [Londonderry Aire]
4. How do leprechauns earn a living? [cobblers, shoemakers]
5. Which ancient title for Japanese rulers is also the title of a Gilbert & Sullivan
operetta? [Mikado]
6. What is the name of the process of breaking down of chemical compounds by electric current? [electrolysis]
7. What is the lowest denomination postage stamp you can buy an An Post? [ 1p ]
8. What is the highest denomination postage stamp you can buy an An Post? [ £ 5 ]
9. What was the name of the Titan who was the father of Zeus? [Chronos]
10. Beethoven's Piano Concerto #5 in Eb is also known by what popular name?
1. In which decade did Mrs. Ghandi become leader of India, Yasser Arrafat become leader of the PLO, and Col. Kaddaffi become leader of Lybia? [1960s]
2. Which Irish American playwright wrote Moon for the Misbegotten, Long Day's Journey Into Night and The Iceman Cometh ? [Eugene O'Neil]
3. When one is very afraid, one can be said to be petrified; but what literally does the word petrified mean? [turned to stone]
4. In computer terminology, what does the letters DOS stand for? [Disk Operating System]
5. In which city in 1945 was the United Nations Charter produced? [San Francisco]
6. Which famous sci-fi movie was based on the short story The Sentinel? [2001]
7. Who wrote it? [Arthur C. Clarke]
8. What is the penultimate letter of the English alphabet? [Y]
9. Music: What is the name of the stringed instrument named for the Greek god of the
winds? [Aeolian Harp]
10 Which Latin phrase, ofter used in law, means 'way of working'? [modus operandi]

1. Who said, "England and America are two countries divided by a common language." [George Bernard Shaw]
2. Name one of the two people recently involved in the first digital signing of an
international document. [Ahern or Clinton] Sept. 4th, 1998 at Gateway plant in Dublin.
3. What does the 'e' of e>mail srand for? [electronic]
4. Which country has the largest Christian population? [USA]
5. What does the science of metrology encompass? [science of measurement]
6. In which decade did the Olympic Games take place in Los Angeles, Moscow, and
Seoul? [80s]
7. Which unit of area is equal to 10,000 sq. metres? [1 hectare]
8. The area of which ocean exceeds the whole of the land area of the globe? [Pacific]
9. Which poet wrote the famous line, "Fools rush in where angels fear to tread."?
[Alexander Pope]
10. What term describes the path of one celestial body around another? [orbit]
1. In which area of the arts is the firm Boosey & Hawkes associated? [music]
2. Harrison Ford starred in three Indiana Jones movies. The first was Raiders of the Lost Ark. What was the second?
Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom]
3. What was the third Indiana Jones movie?
[Indianna Jones and the Last Crusade]
4. By multiplying a number by nine, dividing by 5, and adding 32, what conversion have you achieved?
[from Centigrade (or Celsius) to Fahrenheit]
5. What is agoraphobia a fear of? [the marketplace, going out in public, crowds]
6. In which decade was Juan Peron overthrown in Argentina, did Stalin die, and
Harold MacMillan become PM of UK? [50s]
7. What is the minimum number of faces which a pyramid can have? [4]
8. Helvetia is the Latin name for which European country? [Switzerland]
9. Anchorage is the capitol of which US state? [Alaska]
10. With which field are the names Pestilozzi amd Montesorri associated?
[children's education, or ecucation]
1. What's the Italian word for a set of kettle drums? [tympani ]
2. What is the only substance on Earth that is naturally present in solid, liquid and gas form? [water]
3. Which vitamin can be formed in the skin by the action of sunlight? [D]
4. What is the purpose of an analgesic drug? [pain killer]
5. Near which city is Alcatraz Island? [San Francisco]
6. Complete the expression, "A fool and his money are ..."
[soon parted]
7. In which country was the game of Golf invented? [Scotland]
8. What is the name of the first golf course? [St. Andrews]
9. In the board game Monopoly, there are three ways to get out of jail. One is to throw a double with the dice; another is to use a 'Get Out of Jail Free' card. What is the third way ? [Pay a fine]
10. The word disciple means something other than follower. What is its proper meaning? [pupil, learner, student, apprentice, scholar]
1. In which country was ice cream invented: England, America, or China?
[China] Ice Cream was invented in China in about 200 B.C., when a soft milk & rice mixture was further solidified by packing it in snow.
2. What is the world's largest man-made structure?
[Great Wall of China]
3. Which language is the most widely spoken in the world?
[Chinese] China has almost 1/3 of the world's total population.
4. If you drink a pint of lager, or a standard shot of whiskey (35.5ml), or a standard 6oz glass of wine, from which would you get the most alcohol?
[pint of lager]
5. On the Richter scale, how many times more powerful is a 6.0 earthquake than a 5.0? Is it twice as powerful, ten times more powerful, or 32 times more powerful?
6. Was the game of Monopoly invented in 1932, 1942, or 1952? [1932]
Charles Darrow invented the game in 1932 during the Great Depression when he was out of work. [Source: Trivia Book]
7. Was the lie detector invented in 1901, 1921, or 1961? [1921]
8. True or False: The Biro Pen was invented by George and Lazlo Biro?
9. Who invented the scissors and the parachute?
[Leonardo DaVinci]
10. How is the year 1999 written in Roman Numerals?
1. In 1965, who got the Grammy for Best Vocal Group: the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Supremes, or the Anita Kerr Quartet? [Anita Kerr Quartet!]
2. TRUE OR FALSE: Sugar is not fattening?
[FALSE] Not only is sugar high in calories, it is also fat supporting. The minute you begin to eat sugar, the body will stop burning fat and start to burn the sugar instead. [Source: www.lowfat4life.com]
3. Who wrote the song "Stairway to Heaven"? [Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, or Led Zepplin]
4. Computer history question: The User-Grafic Interface uses a mouse to point and click instead of typing in commands. Was it invented by Apple, Microsoft, or IBM? [Apple]
5. In a year, does an average person's heart beat 400,000, 4 milion, or 40 million
times? [40 million]
6. True or False: According to physicists, the fastest moving thing in the universe
is the electron. [True]
7. In the US, which is increasing faster, murder in the street or in the workplace? [workplace]
The increase in mass murders in offices in the last 10 years is over 200,000 percent.
8. Approximately what percentage of the people in the world have a telephone: 50% or 75% [50%]
9. In which city is Karl Marx buried: Berlin, Paris, or London? [London]
10. Which American singer's album was on the Billboard Charts for longer than any other album in history? [Johnny Mathis] His Greatest Hits album spent 490 consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Pop Album chart. That's almost 9 ½ years. [Source: The Music Of Johnny Mathis: A Personal Collection]
1. Which famous rock group got their name from by taking the first letter from each of their first names [ABBA: Agnetha, Bjorn, Benny, and Anni-frid.)
2. Who was injured in the world's first airplane accident? [Orville Wright] His passenger was killed, by the way.
3. True or False: According to the official rules of Tic-Tac-Toe, the letter O is actually supposed to go first? [False. X must be first.]
4. According to scientists, which came first, the chicken or the egg. [egg]
They say that the first chicken came from an egg laid by a bird that was not quite a chicken.
[Source: National Geographic's Knowledge in a Nutshell]
5. True or False: The largest pyramid in the world is in Egypt. [False] It is located near Mexico City and covers more than forty acres. The largest Egyptian Pyramid, The Great Pyramid at Giza, covers about 13 acres.
6. The letters YKK appear on the clothes of nearly everyone in this room wearing Levis, jeans, or dungarees, or whatever you call them. Where does that 'YKK' appear?
[the zipper] The YKK stands for the Japanese companyYoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, the worlds largest zipper manufacturer.
7. Pluto is our Solar System's smallest planet. Which is the next smallest planet? [Mercury]
8. By what name is Caisson's disease commonly known? [The Bends]
9. Which city in the world has the most people? [Mexico City] [Source: World Almanac]
10. At the present time, the planet Pluto has crossed inside the orbit of the planet next closest to the sun. Which planet is that? [Neptune] [Source: SJI Sky and Space]
1. Which is the most widely grown vegetable in the world? [potato]
2. TRUE or FALSE: The first people came to Ireland in approx. 2000BC. [FALSE. It's 8000BC]
3. TRUE or FALSE: Mother Theresa was the most photographed woman in the world? [FALSE] Princess Diana was.
4. Which human age compares to a cat ten years old? [6 to 1 = 60]
5. In which Kerry town did St. Brendon found a monastery? [Ardfert]
6. In which region of the world is the largest body of fresh water AND the
largest rain forest? [The Amazon region in South America]
7. Which is the world's largest restaurant chain? [McDonalds]
8. Which is the world's largest landlocked country? [Mongolia]
9. Where is the world's largest living tree: North America, South America, or Africa?
[N. America] A Giant Sequoia in California named General Sherman
10 Which city has the largest area: New York City, Los Angeles, or Jacksonville
Florida? [Jacksonville]
1. True or False: The fourth largest Navy in the world is in Disneyland. [TRUE]
2. True or False: The Nobel Prize for Peace is not awarded every year. [True]
3. Which country lost the most soldiers in World War II? [The Soviet Union]
Over 18 million soldiers.
4. What did Thomas Crapper invent? [The modern flushing toilet]
5. True or False: The ovens used in Hitler's 'final solution' during World War II were manufactured by Mercedes Benz.
[TRUE] Source: Houston Holocaust Musuem
6. The movie All About Eve got 14 Oscar Nominations. Which is the only other movie ever to do so? [Titanic]
7. What is the medical term for high blood pressure? [hypertension]
8. Name the two left-handed Beatles. [Paul & Ringo]
9. Which Internet website currrently holds the record for the most people viewing it? [World Cup '98]
10. Gerontology is the study of what? [old age, elderly, the aged, etc.]
1. Which has more sugar in it: ketchup or Coca Cola: [ketchup]
2. Which country is the world's lagest exporter of Xmas trees? [Canada]
3. In the song "Waltzing Matilda", what is a matilda? [knapsack, backpack, bundle]
4. What is the name of the military academy which stands above the Hudson River in New York? [West Point]
5. Music. What are Kochel (pr, "ker-kull) numbers? [numbers that catalog the works of Mozart]
6. Of which Middle East country is President Assad the leader? [Syria]
7. By what acronym is the governing body of world football known? [FIFA}
8. How many years are celebrated in a Sesquicentennial? [150]
9. In geometry and navigation, how many minutes are there in one degree? [60]
10 In which country is 53 degrees North, 9 degrees West located? [Ireland]
1. Who is the musical Buddy about? [Buddy Holly]
2. In George Orwell's 1984, what was the official language of Oceania? [Newspeak]
3. Five of the 6 Nobel Prizes are awarded in Sweden. Which one is awarded in Norway? [Nobel Peace Prize]
4. Of which African country is Kinshasa the capitol city? [Zaire]
5. Which 2 counties occupy the Southeast and Southwest corners of England?
[Kent and Cornwall]
6. Who said, "The medium is the message." [Marshall McLuhan]
7. Hypertension is a term meaning what? [high blood pressure]
8. With what material does a currier work? [leather]
9. Who wrote the Unfinished Symphony? [Franz Schubert]
10. In business and commerce, what term refers to the illegal practice of selling shares while in possession of priviledged information? [insider trading, insider dealing]
1. In English grammar, which part of speech are the words 'a' and 'an'?
[indefinite article]
2. Complete the proverb, "All roads lead to ______" [Rome]
3. How many funnels did the Titanic have? [4]
4. TRUE OR FALSE: Is the percentage of people who remember a TV ad is approximately 10%, 20%, or 30%? [10%] [Source: The Internet Index]
5. What is the word used to describe moneylending at high rates? [usury]
6. What was the name of Scrooge's good-natured clerk in "A Christmas Carol"?
[Bob Cratchet]
7. Which Mediterranean island lies immediately south of Corsica? [Sardinia]
8. The Halleluiah Chorus is from which Handle oratorio? [Messiah]
9. Who is the present world champion chess player? [Gary Kasparov]
10. In which year did the Great Wall Street Crash occur? [1929]

Palpation is the act of examining something by what means? [touch, hands, fingers,
tactile, sense of touch]
Which Irish city's name is derived from the Irish word for marsh? [Cork]
2. Name the animal which killed Captain Hook in Peter Pan .
[crocodile, alligator]
3. What does a seismograph [pr. 'size-ma-graf' ] measure?
4. How many of his five stones did David use to slay Goliath?
5. Fill in the missing word from the famous quote, "There are lies, damned lies,
and ______" [statistics]
6. INTERNET YES or NO: An e>mail address can also be a website address?
7. SCIENCE TRUE or FALSE: Meteors are meteorites which have landed?
[FALSE: It's the reverse.]
8. Rodgers's first name was Richard. What was Hammerstein's first name?
9. Who was the last British monarch to be divorced while still on the throne?
[Henry 8th]
10. Which actor starred in the movie The Cable Guy ?
[Jim Carrey]
1. Name the two metals that have the chemical symbols Ag and Au ?
[silver & gold]
2. SHAKESPEARE: Which character commited suicide by asp bite?
3. Which Thomas Hardy novel was recently made into a movie?
[Jude the Obscure ]
4. What is the main ingredient and flavor of marzipan : onion, almond, or tomato?
5. DRAMA QUESTION: What is the term given to a monologue which
represents a character's inner thoughts, for example, Hamlet's "to be
or not to be..."
[soliloqy (pr. "sole-lillo-qwee")]
6. Which Italian city, Rome, Venice, or Milan is best known for men's fashion?
7. Who wrote the book Origin of Species?
[Charles Darwin]
8. [Re previous question] What is the book Origin of Species about?
[The Theory of Evolution, evolution]
9. Which Old Testament book tells the story of a good man who loses
his money, his health, his family, but not his belief in God?
[The Book of Job (pr. "Jobe")]
10. Jenny Lorrey, Bumble-arina, and Carbuckety are characters in which
long-running musical?
[Cats ]
1. BUSINESS YES or NO: Hyundai [spell] cars originate in South Korea?
2. Which American Vice-President said, "I Was recently on a tour of Latin America, and the only regret I have was that I didn't study Latin harder in school so I could converse with those people."
[Dan Quayle]
3. Which Latin phrase means "by virtue of his or her office"?
[ex officio ]
4. How many players on a Hockey team?
5. Who wrote the music to the song Summertime ?
[George Gershwin]
6. [Re previous question] Who wrote the lyrics?
[Ira Gershwin]
7. Which two seas are joined by the Suez Canal?
[Mediterranean & Red Seas]
8. Which gland in the human body secrets tears?
[Lacrymal (pr. 'lack-rim-ill']
9. Which fraction is indicated by the prefix deci ?
[one tenth]
10. COOKING YES or NO: The term Lyonnaise [pr. "leo-naze"]
refers to a dish cooked with onions?
1. Which football team does Brian Hamilton manage?
[Northern Ireland]
2. Entymology [pr. "en-timm-ology"] is the study of what?
3. Etymology [pr. "ett-timm-ology"] is the study of what?
[words, or origin of words]
4. Which Black-American trumpet player invented the word Jazz ?
[Louis Armstrong]
5. Which Kerry town name means "Toohils's Fort"?
[Listowel] [Source: P.W. Joyce, Irish Place names Explained ]
6. Which software company produces Windows '98?
7. Which book by Aldous Huxley predicted test-tube babies?
[Brave New World ]
8. What was the "Underground Railway" in the US during the 19th Century?
[escape route for slaves]
9. In which city was JFK's assassin shot?
[Dallas, Texas]
10. Was the nationality of Sigmund Freud: Austrian, Dutch, or German?
1. According to Forbes Magazine , who is presently the richest man in the world?
[Bill Gates]
2. Which Kerry place name means "height of the graves"?
3. Which is the Republic of Ireland's largest county?
4. INTERNET QUESTION: Which industry ultimately controls
the Internet: computer or telephone?
5. NEWS QUESTION: A prominent US politician, who led the forces against Clinton, recently resigned. What is his name?
[Knewt Gingrich]
6. The Eiffel Tower stands at the end of what famous thoroughfare?
[Champs Elysee]
7. "Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta..." What comes next?
8. Which rock group wrote and first recorded the song Nights in White Satin ?
[Moody Blues, or Justin Hayward]
9. Who was John Lennon's second wife?
[Yoko Ono]
10. Was Ireland invaded by the Milesius [pr. "mill-ee-suss"] of Spain in circa
1,000 AD or BC ?
[1000 BC]
1. INTERNET QUESTION: What do the letters www stand for?
[World Wide Web]
2. Two of the last three American presidents claim Irish heritage. Name both.
[Reagan, Clinton]
3. In weather folklore, does the expression, "red sky at dawn" mean impending
good weather or bad?
4. In commerce & industry, what does the term 'R & D' stand for?
[research and development]
5. How is the year 2000 written in Roman Numerals?
6. Which famous American singer got a Best Supporting Actor Nomination
for the movie From Here to Eternity ?
[Frank Sinatra]
7. In the song, "California Dreamin', "All the leaves are _____"
8. What is the name of the order of mammal which is derived from the
Latin word for purse ?
9. Name two of the UN Security Council's five members.
[China, US, Russia, Britain, or France]
10. The musical instrument Oillean Pipes derives its name from which
part of the human body?
1. Which term describes the movement of an airplane on the ground other
than take-off and landing?
2. What is President Clinton's middle name?
3. Which French philosopher said, "I think, therefore I am"?
[Rene Descartes]
4. Which Irish song begins with the words, "My young love said to me,
my mother won't mind, and my father won't slight you for your lack of kind..."
[She Moved Through the Fair ]
5. HISTORY YES or NO: Henry the 8th claimed to be King of Ireland?
6. Which Oscar-winning movie was about a pig who could speak and was
liked by sheep?
[Babe ]
7. Who was Alexander the Great's tutor?
8. Which American actress has written a book about channeling to her past lives?
[Shirley MacLean]
9. Which American pop singer died of anorexia?
[Karen Carpenter]
10. Who wrote the book Mein Kamph [pr. "Mine Komff"] ?
[Adolph Hitler]
1. MUSIC: Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote the music to which Boyzone song?
[No Matter What ]
2. MUSIC AGAIN: In the song, what was the Wild Colonial Boy's name?
[Jack Doolin]
3. NEWS TRUE or FALSE: In the Middle East, a 'fatwa' [pr. 'fah-twah']
is a declaration honouring a person?
[FALSE. It's a death warrant.]
4. [Re previous question] Name the famous novelist who received a fatwa.
[Soloman Rushdie (pr. "Rush-dee")]
5. Who was the only philosopher Plato quoted in his Dialogues ?
6. COMPUTER YES or NO: The term 'software' refers to the disks one inserts into a computer?
[NO. The disk is 'hardware' which contains 'software' programs.
7. The Samuel French Company publishes books related to which of the Arts?
[Theatre, Drama, acting, etc.]
8. Reference Books: What is the O.E.D. ?
[Oxford English Dictionary]
9. What is the name of the US Special Prosecutor heading the current
investigation of the Whitewater and Monica scandals?
[Kenneth Starr, or Starr]
10. Which food is known as "The Staff of Life"?
1. How many Teletubbies are there?
2. [Re 2] Name them and get 1 point for each correct answer!
[Po, La-La, Dipsey, Tinky-Winky] (Must be exact)
3. Which low-priced popular car did Fredrich Porsche design?
4. OPERA: The title of which Puccini aria means "none shall sleep"?
[Nessun Dorma]
5. What is singer Pavarotti's first name?
6. World-champion chess-player Gary Kasparov lost a match to a computer
made by which company?
7. Which movie has made the most money in history? Hint: it's not yet Titanic.
8. What is the name of the international organisation for persons
with genius IQ's?
9. Who was the first man in space?
[Yuri Gagarin]
10. What is Hillary Clinton's middle name?
1. Who first recorded the song "Crazy" ?
[Patsy Cline]
2. [Re Quest. 1] Who wrote it?
[Willy Nelson]
3. COMPUTERS: To what does a modem connect a computer?
[telephone line, or telephone]
4. Who did the voice of Mickey Mouse?
[Walt Disney himself]
5. What kind of question is asked solely to produce an effect or to make an assertion, and not to elicit a reply?
6. John F. Kennedy's widow married which shipping tycoon?
[Aristotle Onassis]
7. [Re 6] Which famous opera singer was the tycoon's girlfriend prior to his marriage?
[Maria Callas]
8. Which soprano has the lowest range: coloratura, lyric, or mezzo?
[mezzo ]
9. Which Biblical characters are the basis for the puppets Punch & Judy?
[Pontius Pilate & Judas]
10. Which computer company is presently involved in a lawsuit brought
against it by the United States government?
1. In the song "The 12 Days of Xmas", what did my true love send to me on the 9th day?
[nine ladies dancing]
2. Irish History: From which county was the female pirate Grainne Mhaol (pr. "Grann-ya Whale") ?
3. Which of the Ten Commandments says, "Thou shalt honor thy father and mother"?
4. Which is the most popular spectator sport in the world?
[auto racing]
5. During the American Civil War, who was President of the Confederate States?
[Jefferson Davis]
6. Which Greek philosopher, the central character of Plato's Dialogues, was executed because the authorities claimed he was corrupting the morals of the youth of Athens.
7. Which company was responsible for Santa Claus being dressed in the colors
red & white?
[Coca Cola}
8. What is the name of the study of the structure of the Universe?
9. What is the capitol city of Libya?
10. Which rock group wrote and first recorded Pres. Clinton's favorite song "Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow" ?
[Fleetwood Mac]
1. In which country was the present Pope born?
2. Which animal is the fastest runner?
3. Is the population of the Netherlands approximately 5, 10, or 15 million people?
[15 million]
4. Business: This week, a new bank became the largest in the world.
Give the name or country of this bank.
[Germany, Deutche Bank]
5. Which country is bordered by the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal?
6. What is the opposite of a synonym?
7. Which singer is most famous for song that begins "Chestnuts roasting
on an open fire..."
[Nat King Cole]
8. Re 7: What is the actual title of this song?
[The Christmas Song]
9. SCIENCE: Which 16th Century astronomer first proposed the theory that the planets go around the sun rather than the earth?
10. Which city had the world's largest population when Columbus sailed in 1492 ?
[Mexico City]
1. Last week, which American singer became the first ever to sell
1 million albums in the first week of its release.
[Garth Brooks]
2. Where in Co. Kerry is Dunloe Castle?
[Killarney, or Beaufort, or Fossa]
3. Who wrote the poem beginning with the words "Because I could not stop for death..."
[Emily Dickinson]
4. Which rock group wrote and first recorded the song "California Dreamin' "?
[The Mamas & Papas]
5. Which company owns the Ferrari and Alfa Romeo car companies?
6. What is the largest women's organization in the world?
7. Which country controls the Azores?
8. In which decade were the modern Olympic games established, Oscar Wilde sent to prison, and Queen Victoria's celebration of her diamond jubilee?
9. What name is given to the science and technology of space flight?
10. [Re 9] What do the letters EVA stand for?
[Extra-Vehicular Activity]
1. If one alters course from due South to due West, through how many degrees would one turn?
2. Who is the hostess of the Sky-TV chatshow Surviving Life ?
[Sarah Ferguson, Fergie, Dutchess of York]
3. Who was the first American to orbit the Earth?
[John Glenn]
4. What is the longest running musical in Broadway history?
5. Who is the richest songwriter in history? Hint: Paul & John shared the royalties.
[Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber]
6. Who wrote the song "White Christmas"?
[Irving Berlin]
7. What number is implied by the word 'tertiary'?
9. Which country reaches further North: Finland or Norway?
10. Who said in 1891, "Nothing that is worth knowing can be taught."?
[Oscar Wilde]
1. Singers Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond went to the same high school in which city?
[New York City, (Brooklyn)]
2. Which part of Los Angeles has the postal zip code 90610?
[Beverly Hills]
3. Who produced and directed the movie The Color Purple ?
[Steven Spielberg]
4. Helios and Selene [pr. "sill-een-ee"] were the Greek god and goddess of what?
[The sun and the moon]
5. Who wrote the old jazz song "Ain't Misbehavin'?
[Fats Waller]
6. Which American president was elected four times, serving longer than any other?
[Franklin Delano Roosevelt]
7. How many sides has a heptagon?
9. Who did Ronald Reagan describe as the "best man in Britain"?
[Margaret Thatcher]
10. Gingivitus [pr. "jin-ja-vi-tis"] is an inflammation of which part of the body?
[gums, or mouth]
1. What is the legal term for willfully giving false evidence in Court?
2. What were the comedy duo Abbott & Costello's first names?
[Bud Abbott & Lou Costello]
4. What is the name of water that collects in the bottom of a boat?
[bilge water]
5. What is the Southern-most state of the US?
6. From which Broadway musical is the song "New York, New York" ?
[Cabaret ]
7. Does a circadian rhythm [pr. "sir-kay-dee-an"] have a cycle of
a day, month, or year?
8. James Joyce spent much of his life in which country?
9. Who said in 1903, "We learn from history that we learn nothing from history."?
[George Bernard Shaw]
1. In the song, where is the Christmas tree they're rockin' around?
["At the Xmas party hop"]
2. In which country is the world's only beef-free McDonald's?
3. Which comic-book character is known as the Caped Crusader?
4. Astigmatism is a condition affecting which part of the body?
[the eye]
6. Who wrote The Count of Monte Christo ?
[Alexander Dumas]
7. To which Internet corporation do the letters AOL refer?
[America On Line]
8. In the Beatles, which instrument did Paul play?
9. On the ninth day of Christmas, what did my true love send to me?
[nine ladies dancing]
10. Who wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame ?
[Victor Hugo]
1. Was the first cinema in New York, London, Paris, or Rome?
2. Which Latin phrase is used to describe a person not acceptable to or unwelcome by others?
[persona non grata ]
3. [Re 2] Which Latin phrase is used to describe a person acceptable to or welcomed by others?
[persona grata ]
4. The mineral galena [pr. "gal-ee-na"] is the chief source of which metal?
5. GOLF: On a par 4 hole, what score is a double bogey?
8. With which style of painting were Manet and Monet associated?
9. Is Mick Jagger 50, 55, or 60 years old?
10. Tournament Repeat Question: On the 11th day of Christmas,
what did "my true love send to me"?
[11 pipers piping]
1. Which musical instrument did Buddy Rich play?
2. What is the new name of Czechoslovakia?
[Czech Republic]
3. How many symbols in the Chinese calendar?
4. What is the second line of the Christmas Carol, "Angels We Have Heard on High"?
["Sweetly singing o'er the plains..."]
5. How many cards in a pack of playing cards?
[54 with the jokers]
6. In equal amounts, which is the most fattening: beer, wine, or whiskey?
7. Which record company did the Beatles create?
[Apple Records]
8. Into what does the Amazon River outflow?
[Atlantic Ocean]
9. Last month, satellites orbiting the Earth were temporarily in danger of what?
[meteors, meteor shower, shooting stars, etc.]
10. Tournament Repeat Question: In which country is the world's largest
1. Which inventor held the most patents?
2. In which board game would you find a top hat, a boot, a flatiron, and a car?
3. Snatch and jerk are terms used in which international sport?
4. In which general direction does the world's weather move?
[West to East, or Eastward]
5. In what order were Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato born?
[Socrates, Plato, Aristotle]
6. What pet-name for a dog is taken from the Latin for "I trust"?
7. What angle is formed by the hands of a clock at 4 o'clock?
[120 degrees]
8. Which religious movement in America was founded by Mary Baker Eddy?
[Christian Science]
9. TV: Who played Perry Mason and Ironside?
[Raymond Burr]
1. GLOBAL WARMING? What is the second line of the song "White Christmas"?
["Just like the ones I used to know"]
2. DARTS: On a standard dart board, what is the lowest number that cannot be scored with a single dart?
3. For which record company does Stevie Wonder record?
4. What name is given to the regions of the US where religious fundamentalism is dominant?
[The Bible Belt]
5. In which country is the Eastern-most part of Europe?
6. In which country is the Southern-most part of Europe?
[Greece, or Crete]
7. In which country is the Western-most part of Europe?
8. In the song "Silver Bells", where is it Christmas time?
[" in the city..."]
1. SCIENCE TRUE or FALSE? The bird is a direct descendant of the dinosaur.
2. MEDICINE: If a condition is pulmonary, which part of the body is affected?
3. For which university degree does the abbreviation Ph.D. stand?
[Doctor of Philosophy]
4. What is the second line of the song "Auld Lang Syne"?
["And never brought to mind"]
5. [Re 4] Who wrote those words?
[Robert Burns]
6. Where is Sierra Leone?
7. SPORT: 1998 saw the breaking of America's greatest sport record by not one but two players who took health-food steroids. Which record was it?
[most home runs in one year, or homerun, or equivalent]
8. What is the main unit of currency in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada?
9. Don't muff it: When milk curdles, the solid part is called "curd".
What is the liquid part called?
[whey] ("Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, eating her curds & whey")
10. Tournament Repeat Question: How many players on an ice-hockey team?

1. What does the French fashion term "Pret Apporter" [pr. "prett-apportay"] mean?
[ready to wear]
2. On which London street is the Sherlock Holmes Museum?
[Baker St.]
3.TRUE or FALSE: According to most psychologists and philosophers,
the mind is part of the brain.
4. What is the name of the new space station presently under construction?
5. Which US city has the highest population?
[New York City]
6. GOLF: On a par-4 hole, which score is an eagle?
7. MUSIC: Which orchestral instrument plays a note before a concert to
which the other instruments are tuned?
8. SPORT: To the nearest mile, how long is the Marathon race?
9. In the song "Here Comes Santa Claus", on what thoroughfare is Santa traveling?
[Santa Claus Lane]

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