1. Which of the following has the largest taxi fleet in the world?
a. Mexico City b. New York c. Mumbai d. Sao Paulo
2. Which tiny country controlled two thirds of the world's trade between 1600 and 1650?
3. Which actor once came in second place at the 24 Hours Of Le Mans?
a. James Garner b. Steve McQueen c. Paul Newman d. Robert Redford
4. Who was the second last Mohican?
5. Which 20th century US President, with a last name that is an eponym, could speak fluent Mandarin Chinese?
6. Which two songs with the word brown in the song title reached number one in the US charts in the 1970s?
7. Who was the only man to have had a Pope arrested in the last 300 years?
8. What does the Greek root 'cin', as in cinema, mean?
9. Canada and Indonesia have the longest coastlines in the world. Greenland excluded, name the next five. One point for each correct answer.
10. The 'Nostromo' is a doomed space ship in which sci-fi film?
11. Which four cities have hosted the Summer Olympics twice? One point for each correct answer.
12. Known as 'The Lost Boys'; Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, Curly and The Twins all fell out of what?
13. Which multi-talented Englishman wrote Nat King Cole's hit song 'Smile'?
14. The 'Laureus World Sports Award For Sportsman Of The Year' has been awarded each year since 2000. Name the four men who have won the title two times or more. One point for each correct answer.
15. Who played Captain Bligh opposite each of the following actors?
a. Mel Gibson
b. Clark Gable
c. Marlon Brando
16. In John Le Carre novels MI6 is often referred to as 'the' what?
17. What was the largest ship in the world between the years 1858 and 1898?
18. Long before Beatlemania 'Bobby soxers' were the screaming teenage fans of which superstar?
19. Which two countries in the world have the greatest number of reported leprosy cases?
20. What were the last two letters added to the English alphabet? One point for each correct answer.

1. a. Mexico City
2. Holland
3. c. Paul Newman (1979)
4. Uncas
5. Hoover
6. Brown Sugar and Bad Bad Leroy Brown
7. Napoleon
8. Motion
9. In order: Russia, Philippines, Japan, Australia and Norway.
10. Alien
11. Athens, Paris, London and LA.
12. Their prams. ('The Lost Boys' are characters in Peter Pan)
13. Sir Charlie Chaplin
14. Roger Federer (4 times), Tiger Woods (2 X), Michael Schumacher (2 X) and Usain Bolt (2 X)
15. Three answers
a. Anthony Hopkins
b. Charles Laughton
c. Trevor Howard
16. 'The Circus'
17. SS Great Eastern
18. Frank Sinatra
19. India and Brazil
20. 'j' and 'v'


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