1. Who performs the resounding waggledance?
2. What is the heavenly Greek word for messenger?
3. Which famous street in London takes its name from a croquet like game played in the 17th century?
4. The 1,267 ft. Devils Tower in Wyoming plays an alluring role in which 1977
sci-fi film?
5. What kind of weapon is found on the flag of the Barbados?
6. What is the well-known Sanskrit word for 'great soul'?
7. In which children's nursery rhyme or poem are the following consumed? One point for each correct answer.
a. brown bread and butter
b. mince and slices of quince
c. Christmas pie
8. Which guitarist replaced the Rolling Stone Brian Jones after his untimely death?
9. What is used in phytotherapy?
10. Havana Brown, Korat, Turkish Van, Chartreux, Egyptian Mau and Burmilla are all examples of what?
11. The following words are from songs with 'wind' (as in North wind) somewhere in the song title. Can you name the song? One point for each correct answer.
a. How many seas must a white dove sail
b. Like a carousel that's turning running rings around the moon
c. Like painted kites those days and nights went flying by
d. For me to love you now would be the sweetest thing, 'twould make me sing
12. The word biscuit stems from the Latin 'bis coctum'. What does 'bis coctum' mean?
13. What is the name of the sea strait tha
t separates each of the following? One point for each correct answer.
a. Greenland and Iceland
b. Australia and Tasmania
14. The name of which southern European city means 'pomegranate' when translated?
15. Which famous general defeated Vercingetorix?
16. In the Lou Reed song 'Take A Walk On The Wild Side', where did Holly come from?
17. Measured in tonnage, name four of the eight largest battleships in WW II. One point for each correct answer.
18. What is the word used by the media for a Chinese astronaut?
19. What is the name of the largest airport in each of the following cities? One point for each correct answer.
a. Chicago
b. Paris
c. Amsterdam
d. Rome
20. The ship named Demeter brought which nocturnal man to England?
1. Honey bees
2. Angel
3. Pall Mall
4. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind
5. Trident
6. Mahatma
7. Three answers
a. Little Tommy Tucker (Little Tommy Tucker sings for his supper, what shall we give him? Brown bread and butter)
b. The Owl and the Pussy Cat (They dined on mince and slices of quince)
c. Little Jack Horner (Little Jack Horner sat in the corner eating his Christmas pie)
8. Mick Taylor
9. Plants or plant extracts (herbal medicine)
10. Cat breeds
11. Four answers
a. Blowin In The Wind (Bob Dylan)
b. The Windmills Of Your Mind (various artists)
c. Summer Wind (Frank Sinatra)
d. Catch The Wind (Donavan)
12. Twice baked (or twice cooked)
13. Two answers
a. Denmark Strait
b. Bass Strait
14. Granada
15. Gaius Julius Caesar
16. "Holly came from Miami FLA"
17. Yamato, Musashi, Iowa, New Jersey, Missouri, Wisconsin, Bismarck and Tirpitz.
18. Taikonaut
19. Four answers
a. O'Hare
b. Charles de Gaulle
c. Schiphol
d. Leonardo da Vinci (Fiumicino)
20. Dracula


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